Get-rich-quick scheme

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  • Raisin In The Sun Mama

    residence and told Mr. Lindner that they didn't need his money. Now Walter is desperate for the money to have secure a better life for the family. He deteriorates to a new low and calls Mr. Lindner back, saying that he'll take the money. Walter tells his family that he's prepared to bow down to "The Man" to get the money. This is lowest point for Walter in the entirety of the play as he's willing to take the shame of himself for taking the money from Mr. Lindner something Walter who had flat out didn’t want to do in the…

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  • Domestic Violence And Structural Violence

    from Haemophilia regardless of their status,class, gender or race would suffer the repercussions. The inequality experienced in this situation was a decision made disregarding the importance of human life, and considering it as an ordinary entity in the American system. Almost dehumanising the action. In conclusion, the information shown above the structures in society that take the shape of the economy and social institution brew forms of violence that cannot be seen at face value but are…

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  • Leonard Pitts Here's The Real Face Of Poverty

    Paul Ryan, former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, and Mitt Romney. Republicans are pushing the agenda that “poor people” do not know how to work or know the meaning to work. This stereotype has been around for many years. The stereotype is that lower class people do not think they have to work if they are given everything such as, welfare and foodstamps and does not know the meaning of a hard earned dollar. However, how can Republicans who have never been broke, has never wanted and could…

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  • Media Fragmentation Analysis

    the concept of income inequality. Income inequality is the concept that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and polarization is created from policies that cause that concept to only increase. Duca puts his hypothesis to test by comparing house polarization (Congress) to income inequality trends. “Using time series techniques, we find that this uptrend largely has a stronger statistical link to greater media fragmentation than to income inequality.” The second and more strongly…

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  • The Wolf Of Wall Street Chapter Summary

    The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Novel The Wolf of Wall Street tells Jordan Belforts journey as he embarked on one of the biggest stock market manipulation schemes and how it all came crashing down. The book details the demanding nature of being a stock broker back in the 80 's-90 's and the amount of sex and drugs that encapsulated a young Jordan Belfort into conning people out of hundreds of millions of dollars. After being laid off from his first job as a stock broker due to the stock…

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  • Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

    authority and acting nonchalant his scheme lasted numerous years. Bernie Madoff grew up in an unpredictable household with his parents. Bernie 's parents had a large role on his life and this is the reasoning behind why he did much of what he did. His parents were not the most truthful of people. (Oppenheimer pg. 1) When Bernie first began investing he started off with smaller businesses just to get an understanding of how the industry worked. He also began investing in smaller business with…

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  • What Does The Great Train Robbery Mean

    He Thinks He Can There once was a little train engine that could. There also once was a man named Edward Pierce that could do more, by robbing the train. He did it because he simply believed he was able to achieve his goal. Edward Pierce was an opportunist and deemed himself capable of pulling off the “largest crime of the century” because he had all the necessary assets including money, intelligence, and connections in the underground world. Edward Pierce’s method of acquiring money is…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Streetcar Named Desire

    It is constantly bombarding us with advertisements that offer us something, that on the surface seems appealing. Weight loss pills, clothing, cosmetics, dating sites, and the good old “get rich quick” business opportunities. Often times, people fall victim to ponzi schemes, “paid” survey participation, investments, or pyramid schemes that are all said to offer a lot of money with little to no work. These kinds of schemes only offer immediate gratification and don’t require any effort at all. …

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  • Magicians In The Great Gatsby

    Magicians are often referred as “The Great-”, in the book The Great Gatsby, F.Scott Fitzgerald’s use of this in his title provides a quick insight into the book. Magicians deceive their audience, play tricks on them yet allure them. The magician is compared to the character of Jay Gatsby, who has to make his audience believe that he belongs to a higher class than he was really born into. By his use of speech, money and clothing, Gatsby is able to essentially deceive those who watch him. Gatsby…

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  • What Makes Gatsby Too Perfect

    life. She got married to Tom and started a family. Meanwhile, Gatsby never stopped loving her. He became rich and build himself a solid foundation, even if it meant lying about his past, “I am the son of some wealthy people in the middle-west-all dead now. I was brought up in America but educated at Oxford because all my ancestors have been educated there for many years. It is a family tradition” (Fitzgerald, 83). His riches were the result of morally corrupt nature. He didn’t obtain money…

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