Negative pressure wound therapy

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  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

    Traditionally, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has been used for chronic wounds, like non healing diabetic ulcerations or dehisced surgical incisions. NPWT is quite successful for these types of wounds, but recently there has been a trend to use NPWT for burn victims. This paper summarizes a case of 5 patients who were burned in a dust explosion in Taiwan in 2015 and NPWT was used, not only to treat the wounds, but also to facilitate the skin grafting. NPWT was first approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration in 1995. Over the years it has evolved into a few different variations like NPWT with instillation and even NWPT with heating or cooling pads. The basic items needed are: a porous open celled foam cut to fit inside the…

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  • Topical Nerve Growth Factor Model

    Factor (NGF) Application In an animal model the topical application of NGF to wounds and ulcers leads to a statistically significant decrease in the wound perimeter (66%) vs. controls.[8, 23, 77, 120] Clinically, topical application of NGF leads to the repair of neurotrophic corneal ulcers, recovery of corneal surface sensitivity [36, 119] and diabetic foot ulcers.[73] Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF) Topical application of bFGF enhances the healing for operative wounds, burns, chronic…

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  • Npwt Intervention Paper

    Background: Diabetic foot ulcers are a costly and devastating complication of diabetes mellitus due to its complexity in wound treatment and as a major reason for non-traumatic amputation. This is a major reason for prolong hospital stays, decreased quality of life, and amputations. The high cost on wound treatment and loss of self-care ability of amputee places heavy burden psychosocially and economically on patients, their family, health care system and the society. Effective measures in…

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  • Conversion Therapy

    Homosexuals Conversion therapy is a therapy method that pressures homosexuals to extreme levels of stress and depression, which ultimately leads to suicide and/or mental disorder. Despite large, credible organizations and doctors, like the American Psychiatric Association, The National Association of Social Workers, the Human Rights Campaign, and many more condemn the use of conversion therapy. Those who exercise conversion therapy have no data to support their claim that it helps change…

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  • Wound Healing Essay

    Wound healing is a complex dynamic process which replacing damaged cells with cells of same origin or with connective tissue scar. Wound healing has four time dependent phases; hemostatic, inflammatory, proliferative, and remolding phase. In each phase, specific resident cells release growth factors and cytokines to move the healing process from one phase to the other till complete healing occurs. Chronic wound stack in or delayed in one of the healing phases commonly inflammatory phase.…

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  • Osteomyelitis Case Study Essay

    foreign objects present in the wound is also essential.14 Surgery should be avoided except in cases of chronic/ stage 4 osteomyelitis as surgery can further introduce pathogens to the bones and worsen the infection.12 It is very important to start treatment for osteomyelitis as early and as effective as possible in order to avoid complications such as bone necrosis, weakened bone, systemic infections, and sepsis as a result.12 Further infection of the bone may also occur in untreated…

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  • Sexual Abuse Trauma

    chronic body pain, negative behavioral patterns that seem impossible to change, a pervasive underlying anxiety, a severely damaged self-concept, a fear of intimacy, and many other devastating results. There are three stages of recovery for an abused client establishing safety, remembrance and mourning, and reconnection. The goal of the first stage of recovery is to establish physical and psychological safety. The survivor learns how to take control of their body and to attend to their physical…

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  • The Mess That Is Stress Analysis

    in imbalanced immunity and a toll on one’s physical health. Researchers began to tap into a national health registry and work records to obtain information on thousands of British civil servants, discovering that men in lowest-level jobs had an increase risk of death due to heart problems in comparison to men in more profitable positions. Research shows that even with the removal of extra factors such as high blood pressure, amount of exercise, and time for leisure activity, men in the lowest…

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  • External Effects Of Anabolic Steroids On The Human Body

    this past year, I have always been curious about anabolic steroids and what effects they might have combined with my weightlifting. Despite looking at the negative side of anabolic steroids, I figured I would do some research to find out what could possibly happen to my body if I ever took them. All I knew about them prior to this research was the external effects they had on the human body such as increased muscle growth and acne. Upon my research, I found that anabolic steroids do much more…

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  • Case Study Urology

    UA publications since July 2016: Liu, J., Wang, M., Tulman, D., Mandava, S. H., Elfer, K. N., Gabrielson, A., Lai, W., Abshire, C., Sholl, A.B., Brown, J.Q. & Lee, B. R. (2016). Nondestructive Diagnosis of Kidney Cancer on 18-gauge Core Needle Renal Biopsy Using Dual-color Fluorescence Structured Illumination Microscopy. Urology. 2016 Sep 2 Wang, J. C., Lai, W. R., Traore, E. J., Liu, J., Sholl, A. B., Mandava, S. H., ... Kittles, R., & Lee, B.R (2016). Racial Disparities in Histology…

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