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  • Speedball Monologue

    Woods-ball and speedball. Woods-ball is not a ball made of wood but it’s field set on a forest or just surrounded by trees with wooden houses, bridges, walls of many different sizes. Where a game could take from fifteen minutes to hours of how big the fields usually are. Unlike speedball, a game could take a minute is that was the case. Speedball is where all the inflatable bunker are. Bunkers that look like pyramids on one side, a big W down the middle, human size soda cans, and other small ones throughout the rest of the field. It’s usually where all the noise comes from. Teams shouting from one each end of the field and balls bouncing off the…

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  • The Sport Of Speedball Is A Sport

    Speedball is a game we played by combining, three sports soccer, football, and basketball. The game starts by putting the ball on the middle of the football field. Both teams have to be in position on their own side of the football field or with the position of soccer ball The ball has to be kicked forward to start the game. Speedball is played by the position of the ball whether the ball is on the ground or a ball is in the air. When the ball is on the ground, it can only be played like a…

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  • Short Term Effects Of Crack Cocaine

    Crack was in small batches in 1981. The police was clueless about the substance cause the of its rock figure. A lot of people do crack because stimulates a key pleasure centers within the brain. Crack is a very dangerous drug just like any other drug it can come very addictive and a lot of famous people have died for having overdose mostly on crack cocaine. But in general drugs are poison to our bodies and I’ve learned scary and truthful things about crack. 2 Some common names for crack cocaine…

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  • Causes Of Substance Abuse

    2016). Controlled substance of cocaine have many different appearances such as; white crystal powder, clear crystal rock and if the controlled substance of cocaine is mixed with other ingredient the color will be different. A person can use the controlled substance of cocaine in many different ways such as; snorting the controlled substance of cocaine which have to be in the powder form through their nose or rubbing it into their gums in their mouth, a person can inject the powder form of the…

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  • The Short-Term Effects Of Cocaine

    It is snuck in by dealers into America through ships, trains, and trucks. It is usually well hidden and can be undetected. After the 1990s Colombia became the largest country with this crop. This was because Peru and Bolivia had crop reductions. Now a days, cocaine is considered a Schedule II drug, which means it is abused greatly but can be used by a doctor for health reasons, like anesthesia for throat and eye procedures. Cocaine looks like a white crystalline powder and is often called sugar,…

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  • Junky's Christmas Symbolism

    the viewer to think that Danny dies. Opiates like heroin are known to have very severe withdrawal symptoms, which can often be fatal when forced to quit cold turkey. Danny’s symptoms seem to worsen throughout the story, his stomach beginning to cramp and his legs beginning to ache. It is also worth noting is the author’s use of the word immaculate to describe Danny’s fix. “Immaculate” is often used to describe the conception of Jesus Christ, who was born to a virgin. Danny did not take…

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  • Performance Enhancing Drugs Research Paper

    Since the early 1960’s, athletes have used anabolic steroids to enhance their performance, mixing substances such as heroin and cocaine creating a drug named a “Speedball” (Denham 56). In the US heroin and cocaine are illegal due to the effect these drugs could have on a person 's health, but athletes were combining these two drugs just so they would be able magnify their skills within the sport they play. From high school sports to professional, athletes have used all sorts of…

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  • Sex Trading And Psychological Stress Among Women Summary

    marital status, years of education, ethnicity, and if the participant has children under 18. In accordance with the previously mentioned, they also questioned the participants if they were every homeless, incarcerated or have had or have an STD (El-Bassel, Simoni, Cooper, & Gilbert, 2001). With the response the team received to the very specific question they were able to identify the “sex traders” if they answered “yes” when asked if they have had sex in exchange for drugs and/or money in the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cocaine

    Peru and Bolivia. Many users become addicted to cocaine after they first try it. There are two different chemical forms of cocaine: powdered and crack. The powdered cocaine is water soluble cocaine is a hydrochloride salt and it can be either snorted or injected. Crack cocaine is a form of cocaine where it is mixed with either ammonia or baking soda. This type of cocaine can be smoked. Some street names for cocaine are “C, coke, snow, and blow” (What is Cocaine, Drugs.com 2014). Cocaine can also…

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  • Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Illegal For Student Athletes?

    Should performance enhancing drugs be illegal for student athletes? All the way back in 1865, “canal swimmers in Amsterdam and Holland were the first competitive athletes charged with doping” (ProQuest staff). During these time periods many of these athletes would mix cocaine and heroin to make a concoction called the speedball (ProQuest staff). These athletes would mix the substances to get the extra boost of performance for them to believe that they were at their best every competition. Many…

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