Black Knights

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  • Diomedes: Shriyuu Clan

    occupies the north-eastern section of the country). The Murasaki province is known to create great warriors, as well as their great strategies of war and government. This is shown as Lord Akio Shiryuu (the lord of Murasaki, and head of Shriyuu clan) is the general of Kasi. Diomedes was born in to the clan with many responsibilities as he was the first born; he was born with brown eyes, black hair, and brown skin. As he grew he was taught how to fight and how to govern the province from a very young age. But Diomedes spent most of his time learning to fight, with his cousins and soldiers of the Murasaki province. When Diomedes was 14 years old the invasion of Kasei…

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  • Personal Narrative: New Leader Of Black Knights

    “Hey, Hayley, you should stop now. You have been punching the bag for 6 hours. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself,” Ricky told me. I did not really care what he said and kept punching the bag. “HAYLEY” Ricky yelled. “WHAT” I stopped what I was doing and yelled back. “Finally you listen,” he said with annoyance “I know being the new leader of the Black Knights is going to be tough. Even though you’re 17, you’re not the only young leaders and without parents all the other gangs have lots…

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  • Point Pleasant Black Knight Marching Band Analysis

    involved with the Point Pleasant Black Knight Marching Band continue to be the most incredible three years of my life. I've met many of my close friends through band and I would consider many of them my family. We will always be so much more than just a band and every tear, drop of sweat and bruise quickly becomes worth it. I learned many life lessons from my family. They stick by my side through the worst and best times of my life and I'm so exceptionally lucky to such good influences in my…

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  • Jousting Tournament

    The process of becoming a knight was not a simple or easy task, in order to be a knight you needed to have the right connections, although you can become a knight as a free man but because of horses, armour, and weapons were so expensive it was more common for a noble or wealthy man to become a knight. Your journey to becoming a knight started at the age of seven, of which you would be called a Page, the job of being a Page was to assist the Lord with his clothing, and help dress him. To act as…

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  • Armor In The Elizabethan Era

    In the Elizabethan era, a knight was the person that fought all the wars and even kept the law and order in small towns or big kingdom. All of the knights have a big responsibility and to have help in this job, they have their gear to help them. This gear is known as armor. Most people think that armor is as simple as putting on a suit, but really it is way more complex than people think or even know. Armor isn’t exactly original, but is the aftermath of a simple yet useful vest called…

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  • Corruption In The Caterbury Tails By Chaucer

    The knight is written off as such “a worthy man Who, from the very first time he began To ride about, loved honor, chivalry,The spirit of giving, truth and courtesy.He was a valiant warrior for his lord; No man had ridden farther with the sword Through Christendom and lands of heathen creeds, And always he was praised for worthy deeds”(Chaucer). The Knight is presented as a just and honorable man. He is the pinnacle of what he has chosen to become. He follows what his job is asking him to become…

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  • Dame Ebrill The Golden Heart Research Paper

    The Story of Dame Ebrill the Golden Heart In the land of Happyopoulos, a little girl was born to a noble family. She was named Ebrill because she was born in the month of April. Her father was the knight, Sir Jeffrey, and her mother was Lady Katelyn. Ebrill was a softhearted person. She would go out of her way to help anyone. Once she gave away her favorite teddy bear to a little boy with no toys. That’s why her mother, Lady Katelyn, gave her the nickname, “Golden Heart.” At the young age of…

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  • Samurai Weapons Dbq

    In a battle between a knight and a samurai there is much discussion on who would win. But in the end a samurai would win because of their many advantages over a knight, such as the practicality of a samurai's armor over a knights. This essay will further discuss the advantages a samurai has over a knight and how their advantages will help them win. To begin with, the samurai’s armor and weapons give them an advantage compared to a knight. In Document D, the DBQ Project states “ The body of the…

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  • Dbq Essay On Knights Vs Samurai

    Knights were the imperial military figure in Europe and samurai were the secondary military figure in japan. Although they sound different there are many similarities. Samurai had full loyalty to their lord just as the knights had to their own lords. The Knights had a code of honor called chivalry and the Samurai had a similar code called bushido. Although Samurai and Knights had a few differences there similarities were greater than their differences. “ A sword was a very elegant weapon in…

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  • Masculinity In The Canterbury Tales

    Their military involvement and prowess are both praised, but the knight’s career was given much greater detail than the squire’s. Over half of description of the knight is about his prowess in battle and where he has fought. The squire, in comparison, has only two lines dedicated to his military actions. The squire’s masculinity is an extension of his father’s, but while the son was still focused on battle prowess, he goes past the expectation of the being a good knight towards the pursuit of…

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