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  • Tyrese Darnell Gibson Biography

    Tyrese Net Worth Introduction Grammy-nominated rapper/singer, model, actor, writer and VJ Tyrese Darnell Gibson is one of the most famous persons in the industry who have a net worth of around $25 million. He is famous for his role as Roman Pearce in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise. Biography & Wiki Tyrese was born on 30th December 1978 in the city of Los Angeles in America. His father, Tyrone left them when he was very young. He lived with his mother Priscilla and three siblings. He completed his schooling from Florida A&M University. The love for music started to blossom in him during his school days. Career In 1994 he was famous for his commercial of Coca-cola. His catchphrase “Always Coca-Cola” became very popular. His debut single was released in 1998 named “Nobody Else” after he signed with RCA records. His first album “Tyrese” was released at the age of 19. He hosted an MTV program MTV Jams at 1998. Then released his second single which was a big hit named “Sweet lady”. His second album was released in 2001 with the name “2000 watts”. The album sold more than 500,000 copies. His third album was I Wanna Go There which featured on of the most loved singles of all time “How You Gonna Act Like That”. In 2014 he released his final album with the name “Black Rose” and till date, it is his biggest hit. Tyrese got recognized as a good actor after his role in the movie “Baby Boy” of 2001. Then he played a major role in one of the biggest franchise “The Fast and the…

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  • Should Eminem Be A Better Artist?

    He has 7 platinum albums while Eminem has 2, this shows that he is the undeniable exposition of being an iconic artist. For example, on the Genius website an editor named Differentexoticfishes stated that “Eminem easily the better MC, but I’d take Kanye for overall best hip-hop artist – more creative, innovative, and almost his whole discography is critically acclaimed.” This is important because it explains that Kanye does induce…

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  • Rap In The Film 8 Mile By Eminem

    8 Mile is a movie starring Eminem who plays a white rapper who lives on the streets of 8 Mile. It is loosely based on the lead actor’s life while we were growing up. The movie won an Oscar for best music, making Eminem the first rapper to ever win an Oscar. The movie starts with Eminem’s character, B Rabbit, throwing up in a bathroom before he was going to rap in a freestyle battle. Whenever he goes on stage he chokes and is not able to get any words out. The rest of the movie he is made fun of…

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  • Success And Controversyy: Eminem: Success And Controversy

    Eminem: Success and Controversy Music has been a vital part of my life. Since I was in elementary school I can remember hanging out in the garage watching my dad work on his car blasting rock music. Now every time I hear Guns n Roses, “Welcome to the Jungle,” it brings me back to those days in the garage with my dad. Music leaves a lasting impact and one artist that has had a great impact on my life is Eminem. Eminem has had much success as an artist not only in music, but on the big screen…

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  • Essay About Rap Culture

    Inspiration has an effect on hip hop, because think about it a good writer must come up with their own ideas. For example, if a rapper wants to inspire people with their music they have to think of ways to inspire people. In the video documentary, Ice T interviews Eminem about how a good rapper writes he told him sometimes if he cannot write on paper he writes on hand which is a good way of writing lyrics of rap songs. Eminem also tells Ice T, he studies other rappers so he can see how the…

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  • Eminem Legacy Analysis

    “Legacy” by Eminem “Legacy” is a very elaborate song written by popular artist Marshall Bruce Mathers III, more known by Eminem. The song is mainly about his struggles as a child to be happy and succeed. He was not a very popular kid, so he didn’t have very many friends, and at the same time he was bullied. All of these factors made his childhood a complete and utter “Hell” for him. But as the song progresses he gets older, and grows more confidence. Overall this song is a great representation…

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  • Nick Cannon Research Paper

    That. Cannon's appearance on All That eventually lead to him being featured on the hit sitcom Taina and also receiving his own show on the network called The Nick Cannon Show. 2. Cannon and His Bars Although he got a start on television at a young age, did you know that Nick Cannon started his career as a young rapper? As a young person, Cannon shaped the rap bunch "Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad" with his companion Steve Groves. They opened for artists such as Will Smith, LFO, 98 Degrees, and…

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  • Compare And Contrast Kanye West And Eminem

    Kanye West and Eminem. They are two of the most known artists of the 21st century and have long careers that have been rivaled by few. They have plenty of similarities and differences in their childhood and adolescence, their pre-fame reputation and discovery, and first hit singles. Kanye West…

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  • Lil Wayne Research Paper

    cause a modification in the phase of a genre. The best association of such are Artist Marshall Mathers known as Eminem, and Dwayne Michael Carter Jr acknowledged as Lil Wayne. Even with a past generation of successful rappers. We can see the actual achievement and caliber of the quality of Eminem with Lil Wayne with all the contributions subsidized to Hip Hop. The new type of music with the gifts to attraction into something from Eminem taken to show us his journey from all his suffering early…

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  • The Dirty Dozen Analysis

    20) ‘Slim Shady’ on the toilet. In Michigan, his rap group, The Dirty Dozen (stylized D12), figured that all six members needed an alter ego. The most notable of which came firmly attached to the heels of the infamous Eminem. Eminem himself doesn’t believe too much in ‘pulling punches’ as his raps are often criticized for being heavy in homophobic content and rather misogynistic. While his lyrics are raw, violent and harsh, his counterpart is a different breed. For comparisons sake, if Eminem…

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