Ostfriesen and Alt-Oldenburger

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  • Diomedes: Shriyuu Clan

    Diomedes was born into the Shriyuu clan, one of the great clans of Kasai; which governs the Murasaki province (which occupies the north-eastern section of the country). The Murasaki province is known to create great warriors, as well as their great strategies of war and government. This is shown as Lord Akio Shiryuu (the lord of Murasaki, and head of Shriyuu clan) is the general of Kasi. Diomedes was born in to the clan with many responsibilities as he was the first born; he was born with brown eyes, black hair, and brown skin. As he grew he was taught how to fight and how to govern the province from a very young age. But Diomedes spent most of his time learning to fight, with his cousins and soldiers of the Murasaki province. When Diomedes was 14 years old the invasion of Kasei had begun. Because Murasaki was the closet to Lian, so it became a major battle field. Diomedes was old enough to join the fight, and help his father. Lord Akio brother was sent to the capital, to ensure the safety of the queen and the council. While Lord Akio took upon him self to go to the front lines and fight the army of Lian. Diomedes first order was to join the cavalry squad (known as the Black Knights), and follow any commands that his cousin gave him. No one cared that he was the son of Lord Akio, in the Murasaki province a man gains respects by what he does on the battle field and what they do in life. The Black Knights got an order to head towards to Hugo Forest where a group of Lian…

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