Shinobi Vs Samurai Essay

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During the medieval era of Japan, there were two distinct types of warriors. These are the Samurai and the Shinobi. How does the lifestyle of a Samurai compare to that of a Shinobi? Both types of warriors had advantages and disadvantages when it came to their lifestyles and fighting techniques. The two types of warriors also have a long history and have evolved over time.
The life of a samurai was a life full of dedication. Everyday living his life to sever his master. Samurai were to live their lives according to the code of the bushido, in other words the way of the warrior. The life of a samurai isn't all about fighting and martial art training. Bushido is the emphasis on compassion, benevolence, and the other non-martial qualities of true manliness.
There are eight virtues that most samurai follows. The most important virtue being Rectitude or Justice. Well
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The word "samurai" is roughly translated to "those who serve". In the Hein Period(794-1185) samurai were armed supporters of wealthy landowners. Samurai's wealth in Feudal Japan was measured in koku. A koku is equivalent to the amount of rice it takes to feed one man for a year. Which is about 180 liters of rice. The samurai class didn't rise to power until the 12th century, when two powerful Japanese clans fought against each other for power - the Taira Clan and the Minamato Clan. After the Minamoto clan won the Gempei War(1180-1185),the Minamoto’s establishment of the Kamakura shogunate, a military dictatorship that dominated Japan from 1192 to 1333 (Gempei War). During this time samurai were to serve daimyos(great lords) the equivalent to that of a European duke. Samurai backed up the authority of the shogun giving power over the Mikado or "Emperor"(Samurai and Bushido). Samurai without a master were known as

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