Bombshell Rocks

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  • The Handmaid's Tale: A Fictional Narrative

    speak with you.” That’s all they told her. And when she tried to speak again, they hushed her and dragged her weak body through a hall, now filled with book shelves towards a glass door. Fueled by an irrational hatred of one woman, Kazimir Alkaev recalled the woman who had taunted him, each and every time he interrogated any other woman. And he had little tolerance or sympathy for whores or women who seduced decent men for espionage. Still, Kazimir Alkaev recalled the words of the Hungarian Communist Party spy, who when asked about Ava, blurted out, “That whore had relationships with Rákosi's top Politburo chiefs, under his government.” Upon meeting Ava Dózsa, he told a friend he had been surprised by the way she looked. “I expected a bombshell. Some blond with a curvy figure and penetrating, seductive eyes.” But he said, “She has small uninteresting eyes.” He added, “I was surprised to see she even lacked the beauty that one would logically assume would be a prerequisite for a woman in her category." Now, as Ava sat in the chair on the opposite side of his desk, he listened while she finally admitted who she was. She was broken and ready to tell him anything, as long as they kept her away from that white room. “So, comrade Dózsa, do you have links to the American Businessmen?” Gone was her arrogance, now replaced by a set of eyes as frightened as any animal about to encounter it’s enemy. “I may be favorite of men who prefer different kind of enjoyment. But, I have…

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  • Home Observation Essay

    outside of the Annabelle River. In my professional opinion, Lot S would be the best location for new construction of homes. Lot S is located in the southeast corner by the Annabelle River and the Cyclone Creek. This will be the safest location for new residents to live because the house would be located on a steady sloped hill that goes off into a flat clearing. This will prevent any future flooding from affecting the new build. This location is also far enough from mudslides and rock falls to…

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  • Teaching The Skill Of Sweeping

    One of us will show them how we do it and the other will discuss important things. We will talk about how should use the footwork to maintain the same speed as the rock being thrown. Also we will remind them that their feet should never cross over the should just be demonstrating a simple shuffle step along the side of a rock. We will also remind the students that it is important to remember that they should never interfere with the rock itself, they should never kick it or touch it with their…

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  • Double Fall Short Story

    Long story short it was broken in two places one of which was basically two bones compressed so much that instead of breaking it squashed the two bones together. I had the cast for roughly two months. I remember trying to sleep at night while my arm was wrapped in something the size of a watermelon. It was also weird taking a shower because the doctor said it could get wet but I couldn't trust him. At school people all wanted to know what happened, I thought it was embarrassing telling people…

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  • King Rathmar's Diary From 'Bram Stoker'

    able to cast this spell, he said, ‘will you please help me on this quest to restore and take back what is ours”. I said, “ I am a woman of my word, and I swore I would care for my people”. We set off to find this place that we had to go to. We had stumbled across some monsters, and they attacked us, Harry ran up and sliced them with his sword. More came to attack and with each swing of the sword each one was dead. Harry said we better hurry up before more come. It took us about 4 hours to find…

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  • Rock Bottom Speech

    Rock Bottom I always say whenever I am in trouble I think that I am in “rock bottom”. Like when I have a bad grade, have a bad day at work, or when I get upset at my parents, I want to relate myself to rock bottom. But, if I look at my position from a different view, I should be lucky I have the Tennessee Promise scholarship to keep me in school, I should be happy that I am employed, and I should be blessed enough to have parents to even become upset about. I realize those little hardships is…

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  • Environmental Law Case Study

    State v. Jeungel. In that case, the state maintained a public rest area that contained a 15-foot rock formation. The rock formation was created from dynamite blasting during the construction of a road. Id. The blasting was improper, as it resulted in rock formation becoming unstable. The extent of the rock formation’s instability became evident when rock being used for footing by an underage climber gave way and resulted in the boy falling to the ground being subsequently struck by dislodged…

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  • My View Of Characters In Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    Lee A. Jacobus describes Plato’s allegory of the cave as “a story in which the characters and situations actually represent people and situations in another context (448).” Plato’s work is written as a conversation between himself and Socrates. The story describes prisoners in a cave, who have only seen what their captors let them. These captors, or “people with gear,” cast shadows on the walls, which the prisoners interpret as reality. Later, they set one of the prisoners free. After leaving,…

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  • Character Analysis: To A God Unknown

    contest that the tree and other surroundings were indeed sacred. A personal conflict that seems to be caused by the killing of the tree appears after Elizabeth has her baby and then she and Joseph go to the ridge where Elizabeth slips and breaks her neck on the moss covered rock. Soon after returning with Elizabeth’s body Joseph sleeps with Rama and gives her his newborn son because of all the occurrences and the man he meets that sacrifices small…

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  • Personal Narrative: Personal Essay: The Perfect Child

    smile because this time, I’m in the mood. My dad on the other hand pulls me off. That pull could have broken my neck. Before he starts some rant about the dangers of rocks I ask “Mom, may I go climb the rocks over there?” pointing to more rocks that are as tall or taller than me that travel into a forest. These rocks are clearly more dangerous than the one I just climbed, but my mother encourages me to enjoy myself on this trip. Before my dad can say anything, I run over rocks that I know that…

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