Constantius Chlorus

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  • Diocletian's Reforms

    of their houses, slaves, farms, etc. This estimation was renewed every 15 years. Diocletian soon realized one ruler couldn’t efficiently rule the empire. He decided to change the form of government into a Tetrarchy. First, he divided the empire into two: the east and west. He ruled in the east while his co-ruler, Maximian, ruled in the west. They served together in an army, and Maximian had been appointed because of his leadership skills. Diocletian and Maximian were known as the Augusti. The Augusti each appointed their own helpers whom were called Caesars: Constantius Chlorus in the west and Galerius in the east. Each ruler had a quadrant of the empire; they could further secure the borders and keep peace. These rulers were stationed at their quarter’s headquarters. Sirmium was the capital of Galerius, Diocletian’s Caesar. Maximian’s headquarters were at Mediolanum. Augusta Treverorum was the home of Constantius Chlorus, the western Caesar. Nicomedia was the capital of Emperor Diocletian. (Glencoe, World History) In order to fully solve the problem of succession, Diocletian felt the four rulers needed become related; he got his daughter to marry Galerius. Constantinus, the father of the infamous Constantine, was married to St. Helena, but when he got appointed as a Caesar he was forced to marry Maximian’s stepdaughter and to divorce Helena. Diocletian fixed the succession problem by getting the Caesars loyal to the Augusti by marriage. Diocletian retired in the year 305,…

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  • Constantine I: The Most Appropriate Empires In Ancient Rome

    Synopsis: The Roman Empire is one of the most extensive empires in ancient history. It extended all over around the Mediterranean Sea. This empire began as a republic, and then after the civil war, became the Roman Empire. It had a lot of great emperors. One of this emperor was Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great. Constantine ruled during the early 4th century. He was most famous for giving permission to practice Christianity within the Roman Empire. Constantine also built a city…

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  • Roman Architecture: Similarities Between Roman And Present Day Architecture

    many hallmarks of Roman architecture. Though this is true, many of the differences between Roman architecture and modern day architecture are vast. The following examples will provide background information as well as further illustration of the significant similarities and differences between architecture of the two time periods. The use of the round arch on the Italic peninsula began with the Etruscans and Porta Augusta in the 3rd-2nd century BCE, but was later adopted and perpetuated by the…

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