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  • The Girls Next Door Case Study

    After years of steering clear of sexually explicit material in favor of the frisky but softer content favored by Hugh Hefner, Playboy has embraced hardcore pay-per-view programming and has launched the hard porn channels, Spice and Vivid. In the beginning the shift proved beneficial to Playboy as in 2001 the TV production had higher margins (26%) than the magazine ones (2%) and the television business made up 45% of the revenues (Business Week, 2002). Thus, Playboy decided to expand even further and start producing its own reality shows. The most successful of those is ‘The Girls Next Door’ that is broadcasted on E! cable channel and the plot revolves around the life of the Playmates in the Playboy mention. Since its debut in 2005, the show has become the most watched on the E! channel, with its audience growing from about 800 000 to more than 1.4 million viewers. What is interesting is that more than 70% of the total audience is female (New York Post, 2007). Despite of the big efforts and the seeming success, both the US and the international TV business of the company has been incurring losses in the past 3 years. In 2006 profits from the US programming business amounted to $82.5 million, which slipped to $75.8 million in 2007 and in 2008 there was further decrease leaving the business with a net profit of only $ 62 million. Things do not look better for the Playboy’s international TV channels. Net revenues were $55.9 million in 2007 and they fell to $49.8 million in…

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  • Sex The Revolution Film Analysis

    Filmmakers Hart Perry and Dana Heinz Perry complied what they believe are the strongest events that influenced the contemporary view of sex. In their four-part series titled Sex: The Revolution, we are presented with what the filmmakers refer to as “the sexual revolution" and how it changed American society. The film identifies many events that, when combined, led the way for rapid development in American sexuality. With the rise of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy, the advent of oral contraceptives, and…

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  • Analysis Of Gerard Van Der Leun's Article 'This Is A Naked Lady'

    Van Der Leun uses imagery to show how internet porn is negative. Imagery is a way of making sure a writer’s point is clearly painted into the readers head. In the article “This is a Naked Lady,” Van Der Leun uses imagery to show what men were looking for in online erotic messaging. He goes into detail on some of the fantasies these men were looking for such as, “Which featured a lot of naked people with Lone Ranger masks demonstrating the varied ways humans can entwine their limbs and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Media Sexism

    being "the unfair discrimination on the basis of sex". This kind of discrimination tends to operate in favour of men and against women”(UK Essays). During the 70’s sexist ads became progressive everywhere from tv commercials to posters for regular items such as Kellogg’s. “The thought of an advertisement telling women to 'keep up with the house while you keep down your weight ' would undoubtedly cause widespread revulsion. But rewind several decades and such sexist slogans were widespread, as…

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  • Themes In August Wilson's The Piano Lesson

    Playwright August Wilson uses his plays to display the struggles of Black Americans living throughout the twentieth century. In fact, August Wilson uses The piano Lesson to uncover the hardships Boy Willie and his family face focusing on a time when his family was held captive as slaves to a chance to own his own piece of land. The Piano Lesson demonstrates the importance of family heirlooms and how no amount of money could ever replace the sentimental value they hold. Berniece and Boy Willie…

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  • Gender Roles In House Bunnie

    Gender roles play a significant role in society. These roles affect how the world views women. Films shunned absurd ladies with their maturing appearance and slumping, bulging frames since they had shifted from the “norms” of womanhood (Douglas 183). The movie, House Bunny, plays on these female gender ideals. An ex-playboy bunny, Shelley, stumbles upon the Zeta house filled with a group of misfit sorority girls. If the Zetas do not receive enough pledges, they will lose the charter for…

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  • Market Orientation And Customer Orientation

    With the market globalization continuously ,competition is fierce increasingly ,more and more enterprises realize and try to find suitable business orientations ,in order to seek greater profit space. Enterprises speed up the efficiency of production ,pay attention to the product feature , intensify efforts in promotion , understand market demand , safeguard consumer value ,mutual compete ,to gain greater market share . Customer orientation is one of the business-oriented what is the enterprises…

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  • Enterprise Leasing Company Case Study

    As the company branched out and expanded to different states so Jack changed the name in 1969 to Enterprise Leasing Company, in honor of the U.S.S. Enterprise aircraft carrier upon which he served in the Navy. The energy crises of the 1970s hindered Enterprise Leasing Company’s expansion but accelerated growth occurred in the 1980s even though Hertz and National entered the hometown market. According to Tucker and Salamie (2005), “a key ingredient to Enterprises success was the innovative…

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  • MEP Application (API) Management Architecture Application

    Interface Management securely opens and managed enterprise data and applications that are need to fill a request. It offers a range of functionalities, such as; transforming data to fill the request, filtering data to collect the right information, combining different sets of data stored in different enterprise systems, transporting the data by translating the protocols between the request and the database, controlling traffic amongst multiple request from multiple users, and overall routing the…

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  • Salaam Wanita Case Study

    1: (a) Type of social intervention: The Salaam Wanita project employs the Work Integration Social Enterprise (WISE) model, making use of a product as the choice social intervention. Salaam Wanita provides employment for the disadvantaged women by training them to weave baskets, and then paying them at least half of the revenue from the selling of the baskets. (b) Value Propositions: Firstly, for the social value proposition, Salaam Wanita 's beneficiaries, who are the disadvantaged women, can…

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