High School Football Speeches

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The clock strikes seven and it's time to go. A long week's work is finally going to be put to the test. The heavy helmet and the bulky pads all begin to seem light as if they were not even there. Butterflies seem to fill the entire stomach. The band plays, lights all aimed at one spot, the football field. The smell of freshly popped popcorn flood the night air. The rumble of the crowd becomes a roar. Grass cut earlier in the day feels wet with the night already laying its sheet of the morning dew. The whistle is blown and the ball sent soaring through the air, and the game begins. Every football game begins this way, but in big games like a state championship the lights seem brighter, the pads lighter, and the crowd louder. Every team's goal is to win a championship, but without hard work and determination it is a goal that will stay a goal and never become an accomplishment.
In High School football every team aims to end
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Through my years playing high school football he gave us many motivational speeches, but none stuck out to me as much as the one he gave after our state championship lose. The speech started off with him asking us to look around at our parents and fans still waiting for us to leave he said “ Look around, see all those people that care about you, that is what truly makes you champions.” He went on to say “ Only two teams in the whole state make it this far, you all should be very proud of your accomplishments.” Toward the end he said “ For you seniors it's the end of the line, you all have had a great high school career, but for you sophomores and juniors you get the chance to finish next season on top.” As we started to all walk toward the bus he told us to keep our heads up and to not show weakness. Losing that game taught my teammates and me a lesson in humility and the fact that to accomplish your goals you have to finish through and keep your eye on the prize the whole

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