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Hello I am John Schlich from Gold Town Strength and today we are going to help this athlete named Stephan from the University of North Georgia Nighthawks. Now, Stephan is a college basketball player and plays point guard. Point Guards are responsible for making offensive plays by distributing the ball so that team mates are set up to take a good shot. Defensively the main role of the point guard is to disrupt passing lanes and act as the primary defender against fast break maneuvers.
In order to fill these roles deftly, an athlete must be in excellent physical condition and have superb agility and speed. As one needs to move laterally to juke the opposing teams defense in orchestrating plays. Point Guards must be quick in transversing the court
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Your arms should be pumping fast and hard in a regular running motion. The faster the hands go the quicker the feet will go. To maintain balance and speed, remember to stand erect with a slight forward lean. Complete four lengths of the ladder.
The High Knee Drill
This drill is very similar to the Two Step High Knee Drill, but you’ll only be landing one foot in each space on the ladder.
Maintain the same form and technique, focusing on keeping your arms pumping and your knees coming up past your hips. With only one foot landing in each space, this will be closer to your normal running form – your stride length will be longer, you’ll move through ladder more quickly.
Complete six lengths of the ladder.
The Double Foot Shuffle Drill
Begin on the left side of the ladder, directly beside the first space. Then step each foot into the first space one at a time (right foot first, then left foot). Continuing right, immediately step each foot outside of the ladder one at a time, (again, right foot first, then left foot). As you step outside the ladder, plant with the outside foot (the right foot) and then step into the ladder’s second space (this time, left foot in first, followed by the right
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The benefit of walking comes from the fact that it works to prevent your muscles from locking up. Your muscles have a greater chance of locking up after you have finished a run, in part because they are still stimulated from the run. If they begin to lock up, the muscles will start to cramp, get tight and then hurt. Walking is a way to smoothly ease your muscles from the workout they received from running back to their pre-running state. Calf Raise Down
This second post-run, cool down exercise is also simple. Find a platform, such a stair step, and stand on it with the balls of your feet. As you do this, make sure that you don’t lose your balance; hold onto something secure with your hands at the same time. Breathe properly, which means that you should exhale as you lower your heels down toward the ground. Permit your toes to raise themselves naturally. This is a handy post-run, cool down exercise since you can choose to do either with two feet, or with just one foot at a time.
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