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  • Double Bind Character Analysis

    While the majority of Bacon’s “Idols” that “beset” our minds and lead to error are present in Plautus’ play, Double Bind, the Idols of the theater is the most prevalent “Idol” with regards to how male characters both discuss and engage with female characters. The Idols of the theater are used as methods for understanding, which are dramatized (in that they are generalizations or stereotypes), unreal, and are made up or false, all of which ultimately lead to some form of error. Double Bind plays…

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  • The Role Of Doppelgänger In Gothic Literature

    2. The Doppelgänger in Gothic Fiction The term “doppelgänger” comes from German and can literally translated as “double-goer” (Strengell ....: n. pag.). According to The New International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language, it is defined as either a “person exactly like another; a double” or a “wraith, especially of a person not yet dead” (1999: 378). The idea of the phantom double is an ancient belief included in various superstitions and folklore. Therefore, in the…

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  • Similarities And Similarities Between Ancient Greece And Rome

    not sculpt the women nude. Understandably, sculpture was used to influence the public and to be enjoyed by the masses. Literature in Greece was hallmarked by epic poetry, created by Homer, and lyrical poetry, verses sung to the lyre. A plebeian, Plautus began Rome’s age of comic theatre with his 130 plays. He molded after Meander and other Hellenistic new comedy playwrights using stock characters. New comedy was used in Greece to gratify the audience, avoiding political criticism and…

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  • Greek In Drama

    improbable events, a complex plot, with events rapidly succeeding one another, pushing character and dialogue into the background. The origins of the genre are not clear, but farcical elements can be found already in the plays of Aristophanes and Plautus; The identifying features of farce are zaniness, slapstick humor, and hilarious improbability. The characters of farce are typically fantastic…

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  • How To Read Literature Without Shakespeare

    Literature without Shakespeare is like an fishe without water. Shakespeare is the greatest English writer and one of the greatest writers in the literary world. He is the "specialist of miracles."1 This is because of his knowledge "… to influence the outrageous of diminutiveness to create an impact like greatness – to influence the overabundance of delicacy to deliver an impact like power … to do this had a place just with Shakespeare."2 Definitely no other English author has held such a…

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  • William Shakespeare's Admirable Life

    William Shakespeare has crafted various compositions throughout his admirable lifetime and is honored by many writers and readers today. It’s impressive to see how Shakespeare started at square one and worked all the way up to finest dramatist in the world. He’s taken occupations such as, actor, playwright, and poet, to the next level with his vivid imagination. His mark on the world’s literature will forever remain. Throughout his admirable life, he created around 37 plays, 150 sonnets, 2 major…

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  • The Ancient Greek Theater

    Theater has always been part of historical analyses because it gives insight into the lives and interactions of members of a society. Whether the purpose of a theatrical event is to communicate ideas or purely for entertainment, the development of theater has existed since ancient times. Most historians believe that the Greeks were the first to utilize theater socially and culturally. The Romans were greatly influenced by Greek tradition and culture, and especially theater, but nevertheless,…

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  • Lucretius Symposium Analysis

    a representative Epicurean philosopher, has provided an extensive description on human sexuality and a physiological interpretation of it. By offering a scientific explanation, Lucretius distinguishes between sexual pleasure and the purpose of human intercourse. He does not condemn sexual pleasure, but attempts to rationalize it as a way of releasing physical tensions without becoming obsessed with a single object of desire. Hence, appropriate manner of sex leads a life free of mental…

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  • Charles Darwin's Evolutionary Perspective

    Evolutionary Perspective The Evolutionary Perspective viewpoint clarifies social conduct as far as organic and hereditary causes. Leda Cosmides and John Tooby (1997) expressed in their introduction on developmental brain research that the psyche in this point of view is seen as "an arrangement of data handling machines that were outlined by normal determination to take care of versatile issues confronted by our seeker gatherer progenitors." as it were, if there is a longing to clarify a given…

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  • Ancient Greece And Rome Study Guide

    influence in their society. Their religion was a mix of the Greek and Roman gods creating a collective of the religion known as Greco-Roman religion. Roman’s literature was largely influenced by Greek models. They had playwrights and the bes known was Plautus, he used plots from Greek New Comedy. They created costumes similar to the Greeks for their plays. The Greek’s art played a major role in the development of Roman art. They gained artistic inspiration from Greek art. 14. The main aspects…

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