The Stereotypes Of Women In Bacon's Double Bind

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While the majority of Bacon’s “Idols” that “beset” our minds and lead to error are present in Plautus’ play, Double Bind, the Idols of the theater is the most prevalent “Idol” with regards to how male characters both discuss and engage with female characters. The Idols of the theater are used as methods for understanding, which are dramatized (in that they are generalizations or stereotypes), unreal, and are made up or false, all of which ultimately lead to some form of error. Double Bind plays into the stereotypes of women as inherently less than men as they are considered idiotic and stupid, promiscuous, and crazy. This connects to the Idols of the theater because the male characters only see the predominant female characters, such as Dovey …show more content…
While explaining to her father that her husband is committing adultery, Dovey is criticized for being a “disaster” and is asked why she can’t act like a wedded woman (Act V, Scene 2, 156). Antiquides’ only advice to stop the affair between Clueless One and Loveykins is for Dovey to give Clueless One menial labor so that he doesn’t have time to cheat. This “solution” masks the larger problem, again implying that Dovey is over dramatizing the situation, another form of generalizing and stereotyping women. The language that Antiquides uses takes authority away from Dovey. His language manipulates Dovey’s actions into one of a bad wife rather than seeing Clueless One’s actions as a bad husband. The guilt and blame is placed on Dovey, the woman. It is only after Antiquides becomes aware that Dovey thinks that Clueless One has stolen valuable goods that he has a genuine concern for the situation and finally values her opinion. This demonstrates that he values money over his daughter. Antiquides stereotypes Dovey to be dramatic and false, furthering the stereotypes of women and the idea that women are erroneous.
Similar to every other male in Double Bind, Smug and Diddley, the slaves, maliciously talk about Dovey and Loveykins, which drives the stereotyping and generalizing of women. At the end of the play, Smug announces that there will be an auction for all of Clueless One’s possessions such

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