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  • Multicultural Empires: A Case Study

    Task 2- Multicultural Empires Part A. A1 (Rome). There are many geographical factors that impacted the development of Rome but the one geographical factor that had a significant impact on the development of Rome was the Tiber River. Just like the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China, the Roman Republic, and later empire, developed and flourished alongside a river. The Tiber river allowed the people of Rome to grow crops of wheat and barley that they not only used for…

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  • The Roman Republic: A Comparative Analysis

    1) The early republic’s social division, which used to determine the shape of politic, and the great power of the senate has led to the demise of the Roman Republic. The people of the Roman Republic were divided according to the social status, most of the political power was in the hand of the Patricians, who were the members of certain elite families. The divided social status has given the most of power directly to the patrician men, who had dominated the Roman republic on both political and…

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  • Meaning Of Cockney Slang

    6.2 Concept To be clearer about the type and meaning of slang words in this study that we need to describe. Concepts used in this study are the idea or theory of experts in order to make this study more focused. 6.2.1 The Concept of Language Varieties Language can be varieties based on the several different points of view including the way it is used, language varieties are classified in the formality, the stratification, and the various professional fields to which the lexicon of the…

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