Plautus Pseudolos: Movie Analysis

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Comparing the movie A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the reading of Plautus’ Pseudolos were both inspired by the farces of ancient Rome. The plot displays a lot of slamming doors, and mistaken identities involving the characters. I will be using the characters names from the movie rather than from the reading, because both have different names. The movie was a play written by Platutus. Both the movie and from the reading were telling a story about a slave man named Pseudolous and his attempts to win his freedom by helping his young master’s son to win Philia’s love in exchange for his own freedom. Pseudolou is considered to be the most lying, cheapest, and sloppiest in all of Rome. He wishes to buy, win, or steal his freedom. Pseudolou founds out that Hero, master’s son, has fallen in love with Philla (a beautiful virgin girl) and promises him that he will solve this problem by getting the girl. However, in the book, Senex, Roman senator, hears his Hero (Senex son) that he has fallen in love with a girl and is trying to raise money to buy her freedom.
In both movie and reading the Philia had been sold to a Macedonian military officer for twenty minae. If Pseudolous can get the girl for the master’s son then he will get his freedom. Which both the slave (Pseudolous) and master’s son goes next door to buy the girl. Unfortunately, the girl had been sold to the great Roman soldier (Captain Miles Gloriosus) who is on his way from conquering Crete to come and claim Philia as his bride. The
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I think it was worth watching this film, because it is funny, interesting, and enjoyable. Also, the movie is considered to be a Broadway musical performance and true ancient Roman story lines from the plays of Plautus. It is not a realistic view of the Roman society, but it is a type of distorted visual of that

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