Dangerous Airbags Research Paper

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Dangerous Airbags “Upon rapid deceleration of the vehicle, an airbag can be propelled against the passenger at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour.”(www.newlinlaw.com) When you get into an accident and the airbags go off, they mostly save lives, but sometimes they can cause injuries to the passengers in the car. Manufacturers can make the airbags dangerous for the occupants in the car. Accidents can cause rapid airbag inflation. Because of the rapid inflation of the airbag, it can cause many injuries. When airbags deploy, they can put you in a dangerous situation, where you can get injured, but this can be preventable. Firstly, airbag inflation , the first stages in a car accident, is so rapid, it can put the people in the car in danger. The manufacturers can be the reason for dangerous airbags. According to the website ,www.newlinlaw.com, it says, “Chrysler, Ford, and Subaru have joined the original list of manufacturers, that included Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, BMW, and GM… airbag inflators can fill with excessive pressure during a crash.” (www.blog.caranddriver.com) Chrysler, Ford, BMW, etc. all have dangerous airbags. Furthermore, in the website article, www.safecargov.com, it says, “Because air bags deploy very rapidly, …show more content…
Manufacturers cause the airbags to deploy too rapidly. When in an accident, the airbags can deploy quicker than normal. Even though airbags can save lives, it can cause many injuries. One solution is to sit farther away from the steering wheel. On the website page, www.tc.gc.ca, it states, “Since the risk zone for airbags is the first 8 cm of inflation, placing yourself 25 cm from your driver airbag provides you with a clear margin of safety.” (www.tc.gc.ca) To prevent from getting hurt by a dangerous airbag, have your seatbelt on, both feet on the floor of the car, and sit about 25 cm away from the steering

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