Compare And Contrast Hydraulics And Airbags

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Hydraulics vs Airbags
Have you ever seen a car with beautiful murals, low to the ground, able to lower and raise up? Around the 1950’s people started using hydraulics for their “lowriders”. People take pride in their lowriders and if people don’t want to damage their car they would put airbags instead. Lowriders are classic cars like the ‘64 Impala and are customized like putting hydraulics, airbags, candy paint, murals, and etc. Most lowriders use hydraulics and are able to 3-wheel something people can’t do with airbags. Although Hydraulics may cause more damage they work better than any other suspension, make the car have a firmer ride, and also react quicker than most suspension systems (Ray and Mendoza). Therefore people should use hydraulics
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Cars like these are beautiful people can see the blood, sweat, and tears they put into these cars. These wonderful cars take years to build and they aren’t a walk in the park. At car shows, there’s hydraulics and airbags but the people trying to keep the cars as original as possible usually use airbags but they sometimes use hydraulics, but other people use hydraulics unless they are like normal street cars then they have airbags …show more content…
The hydraulics used in lowriders were originally made for aircraft hydraulic systems (Frost), people started putting these in their cars to make a hydraulic suspension. The hydraulics allowed people to raise or lower their car. Nowadays hydraulics allow people to do 3 wheel, pancake, and etc also back then there was hopping competitions as there is today but to measure how high a car hopped they would measure with 2 beer bottles stacked on each other and see which car would hop higher but now they have this type of measuring stick to measure how many feet it goes up (Vargas). Making a lowrider can be very expensive it can go up to around $200,000 for someone to build their dream car (Hutchinson). If people want to go cheaper than they will install airbags, if they want to go big or go home they will install hydraulics. With lowriders, people even sometimes paint the hydraulic pumps to go with the car. They also may put murals on the gas tank under the car, on the inside of the hood, on the roof, in the engine bay, etc. Some people put engraved wire wheels, engraved bumpers and etc to make the car look even nicer which means more

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