The Pros And Cons Of Sports In Sports

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When most people think of sports, the first thing that comes to mind is probably football, basketball, maybe baseball, or soccer - usually a competition that involves a type of ball and two teams going head to head. But NASCAR is a different kind of sport, it is a motorsport. Forty purpose-built race cars with a team of pit crews, engineers, and mechanics battle every week on a variety of racetracks across the country. Just like any other sport, NASCAR has its own rules of competition, scheduled events, a points system, and a champion crowned at the end of the season. And just like many other sports, the possibility of player injury is also very real. In fact, with drivers competing in vehicles traveling upwards of 200 miles per hour, motorsports in general is regarded as one of the most dangerous types of competition an athlete can participate in. With reality and physics seemingly against these athletes, has this spectator sport found a way to provide entertainment to its fans while keeping their heroes safe from injury? Despite having some of the most …show more content…
Take this into consideration: “Over the first 53 years of NASCAR 's history, from 1948 to 2000, 32 safety initiatives had been implemented. In the last 10 years alone, following Earnhardt 's death, there have been 24” (Torre). Add to the fact that a single driver has yet to die since and the numbers speak from themselves. NASCAR has established an environment where a devastating loss is no longer the primary driving force to make changes. A typical crash where the driver climbs out disappointed, but unharmed can still have critical information extracted from it. Each racecar carries a ‘black-box’ type device that records speed, position, g-forces and much more. Safety engineers can then analyze the data and suggest any future recommendations if they deem

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