Road Transport Malaysia Case Study

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In Malaysia, the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) already amended the rules and regulation for each type of the transportation. Each mode of transportations has the regulatory bodies in order to formulate and implement the policy. As we choose the Policy of Tinted Glass Standard for Motor Vehicles which if for private car, so the regulatory bodies that responsible in this policy is The Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ). This policy is under the Road Traffic Act 1987 on Act 333 which is an act to provide for the regulation of motor vehicles and traffic on the streets and other matters with respect to streets and vehicles; to provide for the protection of third parties against risks arising from the use of motor vehicles;
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In their organisation, they have several departments and division. One of the departments is the enforcement division. This department are responsible to carry out all the rules and the regulations. The enforcement division will plan, coordinate and monitor the activities that undertaken to improve the effectiveness of enforcement of the Road Transport Act1987/Commercial Vehicle Licensing Act 1987. To monitor this policy or rules, this department always do a roadblock to arrest the driver which does not follow the policy. If they do not tint their glass based on the percentage in the policy statement, the enforcement departments have an authority to fine the offenders to face penalties which are a fine of up to RM 500.00 or a two-week jail sentence for the first offence; and a fine of up to RM 1000.00, or a one-month jail sentence, or both, for subsequent offences. Normally, the roadblock will take place whether in the city or small village this is because, they are trying to minimize and counter this problem aggressively. Sometimes, the Road Transport Department Malaysia or (JPJ) will cooperate with the Royal Malaysia Police or (PDRM) to do the roadblock so that this will make them easier to caught and counter the offenders.
Other than that, the enforcement departments also will manage activities that related to black list, KEJARA records, suspension or revocation of
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What are the significant for being able to measure or estimate outcomes of the policy?
There are so many reasons to measure the outcomes of the policy as we need to do the survey first. Survey is useful to the government to search and looking if there is a problem during implementation of the policy. To do this survey, it is a compulsory to investigate from first so that we know what the main reason of the problem is. This survey can be doing many times to get the accurate information.
Other than that, we also need to the policy evaluation. We can use a range of research methods to systematically investigate the effectiveness of policy interventions, the implementation and processes and to determine the merit. Policy evaluation is using the quantitative and qualitative methods. There are two types of evaluations, first is summative evaluation which we going to investigate the impact of a policy and estimates and compare it to other intervention. The second is formative evaluation as we will determine the effective implementation and delivery of policies, programmes or projects. The reason why we must do an evaluation is to identify what are the policy key strengths and

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