Poem Analysis: The Jewels That Mountains Wear

The Jewels That Mountains Wear

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How much ice did you ever see in one place? An ice tray full? A skating rink full? A pond full? A river frozen from bank to bank? That 's a lot of ice. But there are places in the world where there is more. Much more.

You know how high mountains are. There are places where the space between mountains is crammed and jammed and packed full of ice.

This kind of ice is called glacier.

This video simply explains how glacier is formed.

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Glaciers are the jewels that mountains wear. Sometimes they are as blue as sapphires. When the sun shines on them, glaciers may look like gold. At sunset they may look sparkling ruby red. By starlight they
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They melt when they float away from freezing waters to warmer waters under a hot sun.

Some icebergs look like giant wedding cakes, while others look like shining white castles. When they catch the red and gold colors of the sunset, they all look like giant flames.

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But these same beautiful icebergs are very dangerous when they float, big and silent, into the path of a ship. Many ships used to be wrecked because they hit an iceberg floating in the ocean. Today this hardly ever happens.

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Now there is a special fleet of small ships, called the International Ice Patrol. These small ships do nothing but look for icebergs that other ships might run into. When one of the patrol ships sights an iceberg, it radios a warning to all the ships in nearby waters. Sometimes iceberg patrol sailors break up an especially dangerous iceberg with explosives. That makes many big splashes and keeps the ocean safer for ships, because the broken-up iceberg melts faster.

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But next spring more icebergs float down from the Far North, and so the iceberg patrol keeps watching.

Hazards and Disasters of

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