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  • How To Fly Around Drones

    On December second just a week ago, our class was lucky enough to have David Terry come to Utah State and hold a lecture for the students. His job is certainly not any ordinary job. He is lucky enough to get to fly drones around different landscapes most days! But his job is certainly not just fun n ' games! It is expensive and requires a lot of knowledge, and hard work it is not simply just flying a drone. You are possibly asking yourself what in the world does this man do for a living? What kind of job allows you to fly around drones? The answer being three-dimensional modeling as well as mapping using U.A.V technology. His job field is advancing extremely rapidly and putting older methods to the back burner. This job is far from simple and extremely far from cheap as well! Creating models and maps so correct, they range from a single centimeter to a single millimeter off they are that close to being exactly down to the point. They are correct enough that in the end you can select a single pixel in the image and have all the data information that is in that single pixel. In 2014 David Terry started his company. He uses drones to takes aerial images of landscapes. He tells us that this job is definitely a lifestyle kind of job. It consists of mostly data collection, model making, mapping, keeping the F.F.A happy, and much more. In order to be in this business, you must have a flying license just like if you were to fly a commercial earlier. That means if you shoot…

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  • Memory To Remember

    are in court lawyers often cross examine the witnesses and try to discredit their testimony by the flaws they see. In one study, subjects watched a video of a bank robbery and were tested on their memory of what happened at the crime. This study explained that if you know what the car looked like when the perpetrators were getting way does not mean you can accurately tell the perpetrators face (Fisher & Cutler, 2007). Thus, all playing a role in memory. The article did support my initial…

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  • Gender Roles In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

    When examined closely different gender roles affect culture by creating a status quo within society. The gender and the stereotype of an individual vary within all individuals. One's role in a society is determined on how they view themselves and equality. In the drama Trifles, by Susan Glaspell, un-stereotypical characters of contradicting gender roles are used to show men’s superiority over women and how equality is not enforced. Glaspell uses gender roles to distinguish between…

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  • Duckweed Grow Lab

    On the 2nd day of recording there was no growth in the duckweed showing that duckweed cant grow after 3 days in no stock water. On the 3rd day of recording the duckweed had a huge jump in growth as it was now at 13 duckweed plants. This shows that duckweed can grow in no stock water and has started off huge by gaining 8 duckweed plants. On the 4th day of recording there was 17 duckweed plants. Showing that duckweed can grow well with no nitrogen added. On the 5th day of recording the duckweed…

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  • The Importance Of Staying At DTM Records

    If you’re looking for a recording studio that’s close to the Saint Louis, MO vicinity, DTM Records is the right service for you. We serve Saint Louis, Florissant, Hazelwood and other nearby communities. DTM Records is an established and reputable company that you can depend on to put your hard work as a musician together. This task is not difficult as long as you can rely on the right professionals to get your work compiled exactly the way you want it. When you have a passion for music it is…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Theoretical Connections

    what you know, but who you know. Over the years, I had my own project going, a band called Cranium Lounge. This band was run by myself and my singer and songwriting partner, Rob. That was my personal project, my baby, and Rob and I had a knack for writing good songs, so I cherished this project more than anything. I was also a “gun-for-hire” and was hired to play guitar for recording sessions…

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  • Analysis Of Channel Orange

    most albums begin, with a few great ideas and a couple instruments. There were days that Frank would come in with some lyrics, and Malay would pull up a keyboard and guitar to get some ideas floating around, and those were the days that the album began (Complex Magazine, 2012). By composing songs in this style, they did not have a bulk amount of songs that they had to choose and narrow down from. They had around twenty really heart-felt, well-planned songs, and that is how the songwriting…

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  • Music Studio Case Study

    The pricier studios are usually found in the larger areas associated with the music industry, like New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, or Atlanta. Smaller areas, such as Montgomery, Birmingham, and Mobile tend to stay under $100 per hour, but usually cost more than $50 per hour, depending on the quality of the studio. Around Montgomery, the least expensive professional studio that advertises regularly offers digital recording services for as little as $50 per hour. The Cage will offer studio time…

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  • Planning Feasibility Study: Demline

    talent, to increase their sales. They will also want to work more efficiently, and by getting Demline, to sort through the demos to find those that are worthy of further examination they will accomplish this. Demographics Demline appeals to both males and females aged between 18 and 30, because demos are limited to just one gender, and this age group is those most likely wanting to start pursuing a career in the music industry. The musicians would also have to have access to the internet, to…

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  • Essay On Audio Engineering

    love with the lifestyle of the musicians. I started watching YouTube videos on their day to day activities. While all of this was going on, I became very curious as to how music is created. After doing some online research I figured out the basics and stated purchasing equipment and software 's. Considerably being a 16 year old, I didn’t have a lot of money so I was always in the lookout for free things. I also worked for an online website which payed me for completing surveys. I was spending…

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