Atlantic Ocean Overfishing

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By 2048, the fish population in the Atlantic Ocean will be completely depleted. Overfishing or in other words known as unsustainable fishing has become the main factor for this. The Atlantic Ocean is home to many marine species and while their numbers are diminishing, with limits on overfishing, increasing public awareness, and creating groups/programs for helping to restore the ocean, people can tackle this problem. Unsustainable fishing is a very tricky problem to solve because of many things.
One of the biggest problems is local government in the areas of overfishing. Sometimes the government does not pay attention to overfishing and doesn't put a limit on fishing. An example is the Canadian government, the Canadian Cod Fishery in the
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Those who will benefit are the fisheries and markets, those who will lose are everyone. Fisheries and markets target fish that are requested for more, for instance the Canada Cod incident where they targeted Cod even when their population was diminishing(source 2). This is caused by supply and demand. Businesses will request for a certain fish and that is bad because the risk of extinction for that certain fish is higher. Overfishing does not make anything better, overfishing can cause many things. Even one specie of fish is super important, one species going extinct can change the whole food chain. It can cause “businesses big investments to go to waste”(source 7) and also people will lose their jobs and other species may die including humans. “Billions of people rely on fish for protein, and fishing is the principal livelihood for millions of people around the world” (source 8) and that means that if the fish are gone, many people will lose their food and jobs leading to poverty and even death. However, many people are not aware that “85% of the world's fisheries have been overfished” ( source 8 ). Overfishing has caused deserted villages, discarded fishing boards, and dead fisheries. Not only overfishing is causing the decrease in population of fish, but because of waste like dead fish, and human pollution. Pollution causes the CO2 levels to rise and this makes the phytoplankton which fish feed on die. This also causes the pastures which fish also feed on die off too. This is a huge impact on the fish because not only do the fish have to deal with being fished too much, but also with food decreasing. The fish have really gotten hit with a big hook here, We humans have to do something about this fast or the fish will be gone. Once the fish are gone, animals and humans will not be able to live. This will mess up the ecosystem and food chain.

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