Overfishing By Charles Clover Summary

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Charles Clover addresses the serious issue of overfishing and the impacting is having around various oceans around the world. Clover argues that the current fishing practices and illegal fishing along with the use of high tech equipments, are reducing fish stocks significantly, for larger quantities of fish are being taken out of the ocean at a rate that is impossible for fish stocks to recover in number and survive. He analyzes the situation showing how the fish crisis is affecting today and will eventually worsen in the near future, having fatal social, ecological and economic repercussions.
In terms of the social aspects, the outcome of declining fish in oceans is devastating for communities and individuals that are dependent on sea produce. Clover mentions several countries in Africa that are already facing food security issues,
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The effects are several and are causing oceans to rise, have more ultraviolet radiation and acidify (QUOTE). It is important to highlight that there has not been a reciprocal relationship between humans and nature. For centuries we have taken all of natures resources for granted, making use of them as we pleased without realizing that we are completely dependent of them.
For instance, pollution is a mayor contributor in the destruction of balanced ecosystems. Thus, it is not caused primarily by those activities that take place in the ocean, but of those which are not. According to (Carl J. Sindermann in his book Ocean pollution: effects on living resources and humans) he mentions that as coastal areas continue to expand in terms of people and industry, so does dumping in the ocean. Hence, this waste to the sea comes in many forms such as trash, sewage disposal, toxic chemicals and

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