Atonement in Christianity

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  • Tyndale And John Calvin Essay

    William Tyndale and John Calvin were both essential and influential figures in the Protestant Reformation (when Martin Luther took the initiative to break away from the Catholic Church). Calvin was a pastor and a theocratic ruler of Geneva, and Tyndale was simply a scholar who mastered many languages and translated the Bible so that the common people could read it for themselves. They lived their lives in different parts of Europe, but still both supported and impacted the separation from Catholicism which led to their belief in Christianity. They both expressed their views of God through their works which were in the forms of numerous writings and translations. Though William Tyndale and John Calvin both rejected Catholicism in their works,…

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  • Benefits Of Justification

    “propitiation”—ἱλαστήριον—“and its cognates cannot be separated from God’s wrath.” While “propitiation” demonstrates the necessity to appease God’s wrath, “by his blood,” reveals the way God “took the initiative to satisfy and appease his own wrath.” Ἱλαστήριον is used most frequently in the LXX to refer to the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant, which was “the place of revelation symbolizing the very presence of Yahweh, where Israel’s sins were forgiven.” According to Leviticus, it was…

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  • Atonement Thesis Statement

    With there being many theories regarding the atonement, it not just one theory that can best explain the atonement; yet it is a more unified theory that most concisely and effectively explains the atoning work of Christ on the cross. Introduction There are an overwhelming number of theories taking place in scholarly circles regarding the atonement. For every paper or article written on a specific theory, there is at least one that argues against it. It is the student 's position that the…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Personal Beliefs Of The Catholic Church

    sees small compared to the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus did for us. But, I don’t think complete fasting food is appropriate otherwise we would be committing suicide and that conflicts with Gods law. But fasting other ways giving up possessions is a very good thing. Because it demonstrates the attachment to worldly possessions that we do not need. Compared to other religions like Muslims and Judaism, Catholicism (Christianity) is similar but with many differences. For Example; Christianity…

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  • The Doctrine Of Atonement

    The Doctrine of Atonement is perhaps one of the most fundamental beliefs of Christianity. There are many conflicting and similar views held by great theological thinkers of the atonement. In this paper we will discuss the views held by Wesleyan-Armenian’s, Calvinists, and several liberal on the doctrine of atonement. There are many complex ideas and doctrines that also tie into the doctrine of atonement that also need to be explained in depth such as the wrath of God, forgiveness of sins, and…

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  • Scientology Definition

    if Scientology is a religion in definition and in comparison to others; such as Christianity, Catholicism, Mormon, and Muslim. Organized religion is not taxed in the United States, therefore if Scientology is not found as a religion it should then lose its tax exemption once again. This grey line could be eliminated if religion was taxed in the separation of church and state. Scientology was created by L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, in the 1950s. The Church of Scientology has a…

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  • Christianity Is A Monotheistic Religion

    What is Christianity? Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the son of God and the savior of humanity who came as the Christ or the Messiah as prophesied in the Old Testament. Christianity was formalized as an official religion of the Roman Empire during 380. Christianity means the believers of Christ. The Christians churches are sorted into three different categories named, the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox Angelican Methodist and…

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  • Christians Role In Mary Mackillop's Life

    required to make sacrifices and walk in fellowship with God. Jesus fulfilled both these tasks, further acting as the perfect mediator between God and people. He fulfilled his prophetic duties, serving as the voice of God. Whilst Jesus ruled over the kingdom of God, he also served and taught his people. This is evident in his washing of the apostle’s feet. Mary MacKillop lived an inspirational life. She is an exceeding example for modern Christians striving to fulfil these three roles, exercising…

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  • Response To 'Expelled': Video Analysis

    I understand to do theology is to think systematically about the fundamental ideas of Christianity. It is an intellectual reflection on the act, content and implications of the Christian faith. Theology also helps me to better understand Christian doctrine, to make comparisons between Christianity and other religions, to defend Christianity against objections and criticism and to draw on the resources of the Christian tradition to address contemporary situation. I note that it is impossible…

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  • Abrahamic Beliefs Of Christianity And Islam

    Q1. I believe that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do worship the same God. Each of these religions claim to be Abrahamic Faiths, also, each religion is monotheistic. Abrahamic Faith means that each of these religions is following the God of Abraham. Monotheism is a belief in one God that is all powerful and all knowing. There are differences in the way each religion worships God. One difference is Islam teaches that Christianity and Judaism have corrupted the true word of God through…

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