Briony's Actions In Atonement

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In the novel Atonement written by Ian McEwan, we as the readers learn more about the novel through interpreting the actions of the key character, Briony. At a young age Briony falsely accuses someone of a crime and spends the rest of her life trying to atone for her actions and redeem herself. Through the novel she undergoes three main actions, the false accusation, and the two main actions she undertakes to atone for her sins; joining a hospital as a nurse as penance for her sins and rewriting the history, in her book where she writes about her whole life and her quest for redemption and atonement.

The novel Atonement is set in three parts, in each part Briony undertakes an action that allows the reader to understand the novel more completely.
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Her novel was only a version of the story and Robbie and Cecelia both died in the war and didn’t survive and live together. This action shows that in the end Briony never found redemption so she wrote a version that she wanted to have happened. Although Briony wrote it that Cecelia and Robbie were able to complete their life together, she made a point of writing that they didn’t forgive her and that they wanted her to try and fix her actions as best as possible “I like to think that it isn’t weakness or evasion, but a final act of kindness…to let my lovers live and unite them at the end. I gave them happiness, but I was not so self-serving as to let them forgive me”. This action allows us as readers to learn that Robbie and Cecelia never ended up together and that it was only a version created by Briony when she couldn’t seek redemption any other way. The action of this false life that Briony created shows us that she would do anything to seek atonement, and because she wrote that Cecelia and Robbie didn’t forgive her, this allows us to understand that she thought, because she couldn’t forgive herself that no one would forgive her. Lacks

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