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  • Son Of The Morning Star Analysis

    he had it all planned out in his head and knew he was going to win. (pg. 63) Chief Gall was compared to other great leaders and his leadership skills are described by his people including Lieutenant Godfrey, “He perceived Gall as a man of tremendous character natural ability, and great common sense, a chief whose massive physiognomy reminded him of Daniel Webster.” (pg. 375) The comments made about these two leaders in particular demonstrate their equality of humanity compared to Custer’s men. Not only does he give details about the lives of the Native Americans but Connell also gives insight on the lives of those who fought with General Custer. The reader is given an idea of the reputation and trial of Benteen. For example, “In this, that Major Frederick W. Benteen, Ninth Calvary when in command of the Post of Fort Du Chesne, Utah, was found drunk…Specifications 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th were identical, only the dates changed.” (pg. 34) The reader also gathers information about Major Marcus Reno regarding his leadership and his behavior thus similar to that of Benteen’s. “Reno got demerits easily, almost deliberately…” (pg. 40) He also writes, “At least it failed to mollify the exasperated colonel because Reno found himself saddled with another charge…” (pg. 45) Although a great deal of this piece is devoted to the lives and motives of the Native Americans, the author also takes time to write about Custer’s men as well. Including battle experience as well as family…

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  • Symbolism In The Heroic Slave By Frederick Douglass

    Nat Turner's Confessions and Frederick Douglass' The Heroic Slave The names of Nat Turner and Frederick Douglass are remembered because of the fame that they earned as black Americans during pre-Civil War slave period. However, their names color the pages of history books for widely different reasons: Nat Turner led one of the greatest slave revolts in almost 150 years of slavery, while Frederick Douglass obtained his freedom and education, going on to become a renowned speaker, author, and…

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  • Frederick Douglass And Christianity Analysis

    Frederick Douglass had strong views on Christianity. Frederick spoke about many slaveholders who were religious and used it to be barbaric. Captain Thomas Auld, one of Douglass’s masters, attended a church in Maryland and became a “pious” man, who used his new religion, Christianity, to be even more vicious and brutal towards his slaves. He believed that if a slave master was a man of Christianity he was automatically more full of hate towards slaves than a non-religious slaveholder. “...I,…

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  • The Importance Of The Library Card By Richard Wright

    Intellect can invoke a series of ideas that affect people in a positive or negative manner. The essays “The Library Card” by Richard Wright and “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass, both emphasize the importance and epitomize the significance in being educated. In both cases, knowledge destabilizes them and causes them to develop a hatred for themselves and others. In addition, they both realize that the knowledge they have acquired does not make freedom any less evasive. On a…

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  • The Inhumanity Of Industrialism In Uncle Tom's Cabin: What Is Slavery?

    Frederick Douglass, as an abolitionist and orator, excellently wrote his narrative from birth to freedom leaving little, except his route of escape, to the imagination. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass serves as a primary account including his opinions and observation of the institution of slavery. In the first few sentences, Douglass displays the lack of privilege to knowledge by slaves. “I have no accurate knowledge of my age…the larger part of the slaves know as little of their…

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  • The Impact Of Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Emperor Of Germany

    initiation of WW1. Upon Wilhelm’s birth, his British grandmother, Queen Victoria, sent one of her doctors to deliver her grandson. The dramatic birth caused great nerve damage and Wilhelm suffered the consequences of a paralysed arm for the rest of his life. His disability limited his childhood as he was constantly enduring futile treatments to improve not only his posture, but his poor physiological state. Wilhelm’s dysfunctional relationship with his British mother was the result of his…

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  • Martin Luther King And Frederick Douglasss Compare And Contrast Essay

    Martin Luther King Jr. and Frederick Douglass are two African American activists who lived in different centuries. The former fought for African American civil rights in 20th century while the later strived for abolition of slavery in 19th century, but they both carried one single agenda or goal in common –fighting for the equality and integration of African-Americans. In the Letter from Birmingham Jail and the Narrative of an African American Slave, Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglass…

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  • Frederick Herzberg Job Enrichment

    The key term job enrichment is a job design method that is purposely designed to “reverse the effects of tasks that are repetitive requiring little autonomy.” What is Human Resource. (n.d.). Job Enrichment. Retrieved September 24, 2015, from What is human resources: Summary (150) Frederick Herzberg, an outstanding American psychologist, who notably promoted the idea of the Motivator-Hygiene theory and job enrichment. In his report “One more…

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  • How Were Slaves Treated Frederick Dougcible Case Study

    He had a collection of about 16 people, who killed around 60 white men, women and children. All 17 men were caught and executed, yet the citizens in the South still felt uneasy after the event. Who was Fredrick Douglass and what did he do? Frederick Douglass was born a slave in the northern state of Maryland and his owner’s wife thought that it was right for Frederick to learn how to read and write English. He escaped from his slave life when he forged a pass onto a steamboat. He went on to…

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  • Frederick Douglass Traits

    After reading the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave, I learned a lot about the determination of man and the further horrors of slavery. Douglass was born as a slave and lived the first half of his life as one till he escaped. He didn’t have him mother growing up and he never knew who his father really was either. There was word it was his first owner and that he was a white man but that was the extent of Fredrick’s knowledge of the man. The moment he was old enough…

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