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  • Charles Russell And Frederic Remington's The Fall Of The Cowboy

    Charles Russell and Frederic Remington were artists well-known for their depiction of the Old West. Using posters, oil on canvas, and bronze as mediums, they provide an extensive journey from 1888 to 1909 revealing the atmosphere in association with the West. The expansion West provided an opportunity for the United States to not only grow as a nation, but to explore new territories for resources, land, and settlement. In relation, the closing of the frontier in 1890 signified the result of development, which brought Indians and Americans closer together. Sharing the land would prove difficult and create tensions as seen in some of the illustrations, despite the last Indian wars ending about a decade prior. The West is romanticized in a manner that creates a stereotype that exemplifies the idea of cowboys and Indians. In addition, these images deliver the story of changing roles and adaptation to new circumstances while seamlessly integrating the relationship between diverse cultures. Beginning with the earliest piece (Lost in a Snowstorm-We Are Friends, Charles Russell, 1888) an encounter between cowboys and Indians lost in a snowstorm illustrates the…

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  • Far West Disadvantages

    The idea of the West comforts people as it reminds them that their dream of starting a new life can always come true in the open and “uncharted territories” of the West. Nonetheless, now that everyone is migrating West to fulfill their goals in starting anew, the amount of unsettled land is slowly running out and being transforming into the nation’s ways of civilization. Through the “last frontier” idea, the American settlers viewed a romantic vision of migrating to the West. Through the works…

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  • How Did Michelangelo Influenced The Art Of The Renaissance

    were action-based with individuals in the sculpture performing brave or heroic acts (“Naturalism in Painting”). Realism sculpture tried to capture ordinary people doing ordinary actions of everyday life (Cuningham). Sculpture would usually tend to be people working or kids playing and overall observation of life (Cuningham). These sculptures concentrated on the “who” or “what” and not the “how” (Cuningham). The difference between Realism and Naturalism is that Naturalist sculpture were a lot…

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