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  • Free Education

    Education is one of the greatest tools to gain knowledge which helps to develop physically, mentally, and socially strong being among society. An American teen valuing their education seriously is wanting to gain a transitioning future and acquire goals. Having to learn as a teen and taking in knowledge is able to take in skills that can be used as an adult. Free education is up for the grabs, and teens need to take it into their own hands because it is a way of development. Without an education, obstacles in life become more present and are likely unchangeable. Every two or three years about 1.2 million teens drop out of high school, though is slowly declining from 12.1 percent in 2012 to 6.5 in 2014 (IES>NCES). Five to ten years later after…

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  • College Education: Free Or Free?

    In American society today, higher education is a must. Because there is so much employment competition, many employers will not even review your application without having a degree. By having a degree you are not only proving to employers that you are more skilled and educated in the desired field but are also motivated, hardworking, and generally have more experience. Not only are your chances of getting hired greater, so is your average income. According to the United States Census Bureau,…

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  • Becoming Free With Education

    Becoming Free with Education What would the world be like without an education? Despite some students who would love to end education for good, the world without education would mean no freedom. Education is something that allows students to be “free”. While everyone has a different motive for their education, we all have a goal of how we want to use it. How we preserve our education, is up to the individual. In the Malcolm X’s autobiography, he explains the power of education and the effects…

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  • The Importance Of Free Education

    Debating the price of tuition has been a long advocated for subject by major liberal parties and as the number of post-secondary education students increases. Schools are accepting thousands of students at time and many have set themselves in a hole so large they will be well into their 30’s by the time (if so) they are debt free from their institution. We understand that a brighter populous is generally a more prosperous country so why not make post-secondary education less of a financial…

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  • Free Education Advantages

    simple change in our education system. A call for free education could provide that. Now imagine being told it was just a con or an empty promise. Free education is becoming a big debate and is coming closer to being reality. Students would like to clear themselves of debts and save thousands of dollars. It sounds to be a great idea, but what is not shared is the effects it has on others. It would be a grave mistake, free tuition would cause many negative effects and would not be beneficial to…

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  • Benefits Of Free Education

    Free Education For All Free college tuition should be enforced in America for the following reasons: academically talented students are unable to afford college tuition, college tuition puts students in student loan debt, and twelve years of education is not enough to fully prepare them for the workforce. There are always two sides to an argument, some who believe in free college education and some who do not. There may be dozens of scholarships out there, but that does not guarantee that…

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  • Education Is Free Essay

    Education is the future of our country, no matter where you go. Needing an education is a qualification to get any type of career. If the United States had free higher education, we would have more career driven students, less people having to work in starter jobs, and less fear of educational debt. Going to school is stressful enough without adding debt and work to the equation. People want to learn, to further their knowledge requires education, so why put a price on education if knowledge…

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  • Essay On Free College Education

    regarding whether or not free tuition at two year academic institutions could help or hinder America’s educational system. There’s been much consideration into all of the elements that are involved with this particular topic. Even President Obama himself has expressed his thoughts regarding its implementation. However, the reality behind this dispute is the fact that the United States has fallen behind other developing countries in regards to the quality of general education. The question…

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  • Free Education Benefits

    One of the main first world struggles of this decade is the cost of a higher education. The cost for college tuitions is quickly rising every year, therefore, people are less likely to strive for college due to cost. Unfortunately ordinary mundane jobs like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut are starting to requiring college education for more high paying positions. Even so, college enrollments are dropping 69% to 66% in 2008-2013 ( JP. “What are the odds of succeeding with a college degree?”). With all…

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  • Free College Education

    subject of free collegiate education, it becomes more important to define what measures, if any, should be taken in this direction. Some may advocate merely for free or extremely discounted community college or two-year degrees, while others may argue for full free undergraduate collegiate education. Although, it is obvious that some form of free college must be adopted, on the grounds that it will allow many that would not normally receive a college education to receive one, challenge…

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