College Education: Free Or Free?

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In American society today, higher education is a must. Because there is so much employment competition, many employers will not even review your application without having a degree. By having a degree you are not only proving to employers that you are more skilled and educated in the desired field but are also motivated, hardworking, and generally have more experience. Not only are your chances of getting hired greater, so is your average income. According to the United States Census Bureau, college graduates with a bachelor’s degree make on average 1 million dollars more in their lifetime than a person with a high school diploma. With a college degree more opportunities are available, unfortunately, higher education is not accessible to all because of the high cost of tuition and expenses. By making a college education free …show more content…
By offering a free education, it encourages even those who were once never considering it, to now becoming an option. Because there would be no price tag to college, it gives students who are debating college more reason to go, than not to go. The biggest drawback to college would be gone. Not only does “free” make education more appealing, it also allows those who are financially unable but wishing to go to college a chance. 67% of students who wished to go to college in 2014 were unable due to the high prices according This is a very high and a very shocking number. These students have to put their passion and career path on hold for reasons that could otherwise be preventable. President Barrack Obama stated that education “Prerequisite for prosperity” and he couldn’t be more correct. If college was free, many brilliant students with ideas, innovations, solutions, and cures, when given the opportunity to succeed, will if they could receive a higher education. The government offering free education would ensure more students attending college resulting in a more educated and in turn successful

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