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Education is one of the greatest tools to gain knowledge which helps to develop physically, mentally, and socially strong being among society. An American teen valuing their education seriously is wanting to gain a transitioning future and acquire goals. Having to learn as a teen and taking in knowledge is able to take in skills that can be used as an adult. Free education is up for the grabs, and teens need to take it into their own hands because it is a way of development. Without an education, obstacles in life become more present and are likely unchangeable.
Every two or three years about 1.2 million teens drop out of high school, though is slowly declining from 12.1 percent in 2012 to 6.5 in 2014 (IES>NCES). Five to ten years later after
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Speaking of handcuffs, dropouts are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested. 68 percent of male prisoners do not have a high school diploma, and read at an 8th grade standard level (BJS Report, Linton 1-12)l. Notably, education is key, education is the key to future success and having potential in the world. If teens don 't seek value in their education now, the next step after high school is going to be a struggle of financial and social problems. It all about the ability of what is there gain from the world, what can a graduate teen can now put skills and abilities to the test of the world and have a successful life. It would not make sense of choosing not to value education as a whole, it 's free until college, and if you are a teen without education and jump straight into college is like jumping in the abyss of the unknown or it 's like not able to see in the dark. Why would someone be so blind to not take education so seriously. Having knowledge is a survival skill, for instance it 's is like having a conversation with someone takes an extent of knowledge, I mean it 's like a highschool graduate trying to argue about birds are a mammal to a biologist professor. Who would win that argument? The professor would win the argument of course because he retained factual evidence from his years of learning. If you want to learn how to play soccer, you have to learn how to handle the ball below the feet. Same with …show more content…
Not so much money if you break it down into taxes, car payments, and fees. Yet to say that adults are apt to be in a povern state and is three times more likely being unemployed and in prison. Poverty is not such a good ol’ thing, it is probably because their was no valuing in education. In the near future, 2018, 63% of U.S jobs will require a higher education than a high school diploma (“Adult Ed Facts”). Well who would want to run a business with a bunch of nut headed adults who can not count money or fill out forms. Teens need to value their education if they want a career who wants their skills of knowledge. Hardwork and dedication is another essential to carry out a future, but that takes “value”.
Remember your ABC’s, “Always Be Confident” in valuing education. Teens need to step up to the plate and not wait to be spoon fed. Mom and dad are not going to be around for long, the adult world is a harsh environment. It is not teacher and schools that are accounted for student to succeed and perform, it is the student who needs to take education by the ropes. It is like the saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can not force it to drink.” Teens need to focus on themselves to learn, to develop, but it is up to their hand to value education, and if not, the road to success becomes

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