Why Do High School Drop Out?

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The high school dropout age is ridiculous; no child should be given the authority to simply drop out of high school at 16. During a full school year 1.2 million student’s just dropout, that’s a student every 26 seconds or 7,000 students a day. On top of that approximately 25% of freshmen fail to graduate on time. These real time numbers are at an all-time high and need to be lowered. These students will only be negatively affected when they reach the real world and see how little accomplishments will occur without a high school diploma. This is affecting many students, it’s almost an encouragement to live in poverty and receive government assistance and that’s terrible.
Many students drop out because of issues that happen on a day to day basis.
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Graphs that was found online showed d statistical data and explanations that explained how the data would affect a student 's, The most useful source that helped with this research was reading about the law the government made back in 2009 it helped pull everything together. Online articles and online books also helped because they listed steps that can be done to actively reduce these rates. These methods helped me to properly gather data to include in my research.

This graph is showing the difference between male and female dropout rates. (“High School Dropout Rates." Child Trends. 2015. Web. 15 May 2016. ) This graph shows that males dropout more than a female would. It’s not focused on race but on the sex as a whole. The data shows that male’s dropout more than females because of the environment around the male. The things around these males students encourage them to do things in which is needed for surviving in the bad environment and school becomes less of an option for
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("The Condition of Education - Elementary and Secondary Education - Student Effort, Persistence and Progress - Status Dropout Rates - Indicator April (2015)." The Condition of Education - Elementary and Secondary Education - Student Effort, Persistence and Progress - Status Dropout Rates - Indicator April (2015). Web. 05 May 2016. . ) It shows that although it is believed that African-American students have a higher dropout rate that is untrue. The graph shows a study over the span of about 50 years and is giving an idea of how many students dropout per year. The graph shows that although dropout rates were very high around the 50’s it has decreased slightly which shows that the world is coming to terms with these high rates. This is a shocking factor in the research portion because it is always believed African-Americans don’t complete high school. It was an important discovery because race is another huge factor in why students dropout. It is important because a lot of students drop out bullying may occur due to the race of student.
Over the course of this research paper shocking discoveries were made and a lot of truths were uncovered. Evidence was found to back up the claim that the high school dropout age should be increased. Data and educational articles helped in gaining insight on what really went and goes through teenagers heads when thing like this occur. It shows a sign of strength as well as encouragement

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