The Great Divine By Robert Balfanz: Article Analysis

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The Great Divine is a newspaper article that focuses on inequality, the newspaper published an article called, “Stop holding us back” by Robert Balfanz. This article focuses on the fact that “one-third of the nation’s African-American and Latino young men will not graduate”. (Balfanz). The article reveals that back in 2014 the total of high school graduates was more than three million students. In the article Robert Balfanz conducted a study with one of his colleagues at Johns Hopkins University, and they found that “half of the African-American boys who veer of the paths to high school graduation do so in just 660 or more than 12,600 regular schools”. (Balfanz). These 660 high school tends to be big high schools, but the conditions of these …show more content…
I think that it is true about African-Americans and Latinos dropping out of school because of the way school is organized. For most minority students, school is hard and sometimes they see school as a prison, instead of a place where they can learn. But as Robert Balfanz and his colleague explain if there is a program where the teachers are dedicated to their students, they offer the student support with their homework’s and the classes are smaller the students will improve. I hope as of today the school system have improve because there are a lot of young men who are high school dropouts and in this time every student should be getting their high school diploma. The three questions that I would use to lead a discussion of this article would be one: Do you agree or disagree with Robert Balfanz and his colleague about providing students with smaller class? Second question: Do you think that lower income schools should be funded by the government with increased funding or do you think that with the taxes they collect is enough? Finally, Share some of your high school experiences? Was your school in good or bad condition? Was the classroom size too crowed and how did your neighbor affect your school …show more content…
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Out with the Old, In with the New? Habitus and Social Mobility at Selective Colleges
Elizabeth M. Lee and Rory Kramer wanted to investigate about the students experience in their college life; but focusing on habitus gained in education settings. For their study both researchers were able to collect quantitative and qualitative data to observe how students what “Bourdieu called a “cleft habitus” (Lee and Kramer). In this study, they wanted to know how class status affected the student’s interaction with their home communities. For this investigation the researchers first observe which of the students report to lose connection with their hometown and families. But to get a better understanding they focus on mobile students and non-mobile home communities. During the investigation they found that for some students balancing their relationship with their families and old friends was hard to

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