Personal Narrative Essay: Growing Up And Being A Teenage

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A few years ago like when I was 11 or 12 a lot of things were going through my mind of growing up and being a teenager. I knew this was going to be a big step for me and my surroundings, but I was ready for it. A thing that I always kept in my mind was turning 15 fast because my parents were always really strict with us. One of the things that they didn't let us do is put on makeup or paint our nails. I hated that because all my friends would do it and I was the only one that wasn't allowed to. At that moment another thing that was in my mind was going out with my friends like to the movies or just basically anywhere to have fun. My parents did let me go out but not as much and if so an adult had to be with us but I wanted to go with my …show more content…
One way thing that I do to have fun at this age is going to 15 or just going parties in general. What I do at parties is dance which I love dancing and I enjoy it very much. I also catch up with friends and sometimes make new friends. Hanging out with friends is also another way I have fun and socialize with them. I can go watch a movie, go skating, or play a sport with them. One of my favorite things doing when I hang out with my friends is going to the mall or going to a makeup store. Another thing that I do to have fun is bake. I love baking cookies, cupcakes, and cakes I just love the outcome of it. Growing up I always wanted to be a chef and probably have my own restaurant so baking is something I enjoy and have fun with.
Being educated is also an important thing in a teenagers life. The way I’m getting educated is of course at school which I had and still, I’m learning many new things. Another way I get educated is from my parents and they have always been there for me. They teach me the right from wrong and how to always be respectful no matter what. They teach me to live an active life, express my feelings, and how to cook. A thing that my parents say that I love and taught me was “give you will receive even more than you gave.” My church is also a way I get educated by making me keep my faith strong and to always help

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