Personal Narrative-My Life As A Teen Mom

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My Life as a Teen Mom I belong to a crowd of young, strong, independent teen moms. What does a “Teen Mom” actually mean? It’s a term that people occasionally bash us, teen moms, with. Most of the outside population blame us for being a teen mom because they say we ruined our lives and will never have a successful future. Some may say that a teen mom is just someone who gets pregnant and has a baby at a really young age. That 's not even close to what a teen mom actually is. There 's so much more behind just having a baby at really young age. I may have made a vast decision by having a baby so early in my life, which makes me having bigger responsibilities to take care of now, but it does not mean my life is ruined. It just simply means my …show more content…
Being a teen mom is not easy at all! It 's seriously a tough job to do. It was definitely hard for me in the beginning because when my daughter was born, I went through postpartum depression really bad. I would constantly break down every night for absolutely no reason. I told myself that I couldn 't do this anymore and that I was not ready to be a mom at seventeen years old. I honestly don 't think no one understands how difficult it is to be a teen mom. You 're constantly tired because you have to wake up every three hours or so to change and feed your baby. I never really had the problem of not getting sleep and being tired because my daughter slept through the whole night until about five in the morning and she wanted to eat. I was constantly being so stressed out since I was raising my daughter and going to school at the same time. I had a hard time trying to come home and do my homework, while trying to make sure my baby was bathed, fed, and put down for bed. I was never able to go out and hang out with my friends like I use to, go out to any school events like; football games, pep rallies, volleyball games, and etc. because I had bigger responsibilities to care of than go

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