Personal Narrative: I D Be A Teenage Mother

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A time I remember that someone told me something that was hurtful and I got offended by was when my mom’s brother was talking bad about me. Saying that I’d be a teen mom and I wouldn’t graduate. I really dislike when my OWN family talks bad about trying to put me down and doubt me. Just because they’re not happy with their life at the moment and when he’s down like that he thinks it’d be funny to talk bad about me. Him and I never get along we’re ALWAYS arguing with each other there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t argue. I got offended by him saying I’d get pregnant because I’m not sexually active he doesn’t know anything that I do. He doesn’t have any right to talk about me like that. He thought it would be funny to tell me all of that because of my aunts that I’m close with had a baby when she was fifteen. She didn’t …show more content…
I know how it is living with him and dealing with the things he says. But there comes a point where he’s just taken it too far and we reach out breaking point. My judgment about him is very accurate because when I wasn’t working I had to spend my whole day with him there just talking bad about everyone that he knew or everyone in our family. I feel like some of my thoughts about him are pretty mean, but he’s always just been so mean to me that I honestly don’t even care about what he says or thinks now. I felt offended once he said that, but now that I’m really doing everything I can to show them all wrong I feel better of myself. And feel that whatever he tells me won’t even faze me anymore because I’m a bigger and better person than him. If I ever feel like I’m doing the same thing to another person that doesn’t deserve it, I should think to myself how I felt when they told me mean and hurtful things to my face. It’s a horrible feeling you just want to cry and run away from everyone and

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