Analysis Of An Ego Buster In My Life

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Register to read the introduction… When I found out that I was pregnant with Emma he was very negative saying that I should get an abortion or an adoption because he wasn’t ready. He also broke up with me saying that he was going to break up with me before all this happened but he didn’t want to hurt my feelings so. He said that he would go to all my appointments but only ended up going to about five of the many I had. Ever since my daughter was born it has been nothing but trouble for me when it comes to him and his family. His family keeps pestering me to let them see her but I don’t want her around someone that didn’t even want her in the first place. His mom keeps calling me a bad mother for stupid reasons. One reason was because I told her that they needed to get there own diaper bag with everything in it because why should I be the only one that provides for her and not him. Also, I told them to get their own car seat because I don’t have a car so why should I provide a car seat for them. Lastly, she thought I was a bad mother because I wanted to move out of Massachusetts because it was too expensive for me to live there and also I was miserable there. For not wanting her in the first place he is making my life miserable. He has not paid child support since she was born and he expects me to give in to him and his families poor me syndrome. His mom rules his life and she thinks that she can rule me and Emma’s life but it …show more content…
It affects communication, it resists change, but most of all it is multi-dimensional (Devito). Self-concept can affect communication by either building high self-esteem or diminishing to low self-esteem. By having high self-esteem someone is likely to think nicely of others, anticipate being accepted and, judge their own performance more positively. Whereas, if you have a low self-esteem you are more likely to criticize others, anticipate being rejected and, judge their performance negatively. Self-concept also resists change. You tend to hold on to your understandable self-concept even though the evidence shows outdated. You also tend to hold on to the negative outmoded self perception whether negative or positive and refusing to accept change. Not changing your self-concept can produce self-delusion and lack of development, which can make you someone who you really are not and lying to yourself about who you really are. Most of all, our self-concept is multi-dimensional. We have three ways of perceiving ourselves, the private me, the ideal me, and the public me. The private me, is the way that we believe ourselves to be. The ideal me, is how you desire yourself, who you wish you were. Lastly, there is the public me, the way that we present ourselves in public, the face that we try to show others. Ego boosters and Ego busters affect us in everyway possible and affect the way we

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