Personal Narrative: My Goal Of Becoming A Mother

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Becoming a mother has always been my dream since the age of holding my first doll. Having a mother that was addicted to drugs; as crazy as it sounds, made me want to be the best mother the world has ever witnessed. The day I met my soon-to-be mother-in-law for the first time was the day I got a glimpse of a mother’s care, concern, and a mother’s love. I knew that day that she was going to be the blueprint of my goal of becoming the best mother I could be. Little did I know, my weakness of not knowing what was best for my child would soon come back and hurt me.
You know that moment when you first meet your Idol and did not know it? It was the summer of 2007, my future husband Brandon Drake and I had just come back from swimming with my baby
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Mama Brenda put together a baby shower for me that all of my close friends and family members were there. Towards the end of the baby shower, it was time for me to open up my gifts. In one of the gifts, I received some cans a baby formula from a guest. I kindly gave the gift back to original owner and explain to the guess that I had planned on fully breastfeeding my child. After finding out my plan Mama Brenda confronted me and overly suggested that I should consider formula feeding my child, so I could go back to work. I took in what she had to say but deep inside that was not what I wanted to do. After 3 months of breastfeeding my child, I went to my breastfeeding coach crying to her in her office. I explained to her the pressure of having to switch from breastfeeding to formula. I also let her know that I did not want to switch my baby to formula. My breastfeeding coach suggested that I talk to my job and see if they can work with me so I can continue on breastfeeding. The next day I had a talk with my manager and everything worked out perfect for my child in me. I was able to work and get one hour lunch so I can go home and feed my child. The next time I saw Mama Brenda I insisted on us having a heart-to-heart conversation. I explained to her how important she was to me and also how important it was for her to respect my decisions as a mother. Giving me advice what’s one thing I appreciate, but telling me what I need to do was crossing the

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