Narrative Essay: Becoming A Mother

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Becoming a mother is the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever experienced in my life. Carrying a child in my womb for nine months and going through labor was something that was sometimes very hard. But once that was all over and I got to hold my new bundle of joy, a baby boy named Zeeden, it was all worth it. Early morning of March 29th, 2010, I woke up and had to run to the bathroom to puke. I don 't usually throw up. I then started to wonder, if I was pregnant. That afternoon I had bought a pregnancy test from the store. I rushed home to test to see if it was in fact positive. As soon as the pregnancy test read positive I bawled. I was happy, and scared, because I was only eighteen years old and I was scared to tell somebody. …show more content…
I avoided him as much as possible, until he cornered me because he know something was bothering me. I finally told him and he hugged me with excitement, and he told me everything will be ok. Being that I was nervous, I didn 't go see a doctor until I was twenty five weeks pregnant. That first doctors visit, Doctor Nesetti informed Kobie and I that we were having a girl. Right around this time Kobie and I noticed that I had started to show a little baby bump. By thirty weeks, I felt like I was huge. We could feel the baby kick and when the baby had hiccups, which always felt like having butterflies in my stomach. During the day baby seemed calm, but as soon I played down in bed, baby was up and hyper active. At thirty five weeks we had another baby appointment. I ask my OBGYN to make sure I was still having a girl, because my baby shower was in three days. Doctor Nesetti was nervous, to tell me that she had made a mistake and that the baby was a boy. With all my pregnancy hormones and emotions, I cried hysterically. Not because I didn 't want a boy, but because I had …show more content…
He was twenty one and a half inches long. He had a head full of black, thick, straight hair. His whole body was covered in light brown hair. From the moment he was born I called him my chunky monkey. The first few times I changed his diaper, he would pee on me. He started rolling over the second day we had come home from the hospital. He started to crawl all around the house by the time he was five months old. A little bit before he had turned nine months old, he had discovered how to walk on his own. At the age of eighteen months, Zeiden had said his first official word “hot”. Now he is five years old, and will start kindergarten. He has changed my entire life so much and made me enjoy the simplest things in life. It’s something I can’t even explain. Becoming a mommy was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Watching him learn and grow everyday is something I wish I could slow

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