Whaner Amparo Analysis

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SPEAK UP ! Whaner Amparo is a nineteen year old Dominican born and was brought to the country by his father at thirteen years old. He lived in providence for a while but differences with his father caused him to run away to his grandmother 's house all the way in New York City. Now he resides with his girlfriend and their one year old son and works nights to provide for his family. As you may see Whaner is a son, boyfriend, father, and a provider as well but for me he 's just my big brother. We are not siblings by both parents he is my father 's son from an affair that ended my mother 's marriage. My brother and I have a great relationship going now but it was not always like that. I had only first heard about my brother when I was like eleven years old which meant he was twelve but I met him when I was twelve because my father brought him from the dominican republic. Before I even met him I would go around telling everyone I hated my brother and yes hate is a strong word but those were the feelings I had towards him and nothing …show more content…
I know that it was primarily my fault because I am guilty of Deception. Deception is “concealment, distortion, or lying in communication”.(209) because i know he would not expect me to lie to him or keep things from him. When we first started to hang out I would smile and nod and be polite when i had to but that was not who I was but he did not know that because I never showed him my true side. This played a big part in the way we communicated and it affected our relationship a big deal because I was not able to actually connect with my brother until after he ran away from home. I was able to see his real side and what he was going through while living with our father. I’ve always been taught not to lie but the way I felt was too difficult to let out and although I had real hatred towards my brother I did not want to hurt him by telling him how I actually felt about

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