Free Education Advantages

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Imagine being able to save tens of thousands of dollars by making a simple change in our education system. A call for free education could provide that. Now imagine being told it was just a con or an empty promise. Free education is becoming a big debate and is coming closer to being reality. Students would like to clear themselves of debts and save thousands of dollars. It sounds to be a great idea, but what is not shared is the effects it has on others. It would be a grave mistake, free tuition would cause many negative effects and would not be beneficial to everyone. A major increase in the student body would lay a sizable task on colleges to meet the needs and demands of all the students. With such limited amounts of resources, and a mass gain of students, how would they all fit? Space is limited, staff is limited and costs will rise. Once extra staff is hired, they will need to be payed. Also, renovations for needed space will be tacked on to the total. According to Frances M. Cubberley, vice president for enrollment management at Delaware County Community College, "Free tuition will not cover the cost of educating and serving the students"(21). Colleges can no longer afford to pay staff and for renovations, without the annual income from tuition. So, who will …show more content…
The average rate of drop outs continuously increases each and every year. "Less then 2/3 of American students will graduate"....("How Americas colleges could be free"). This waste the Money spent getting a student prepared for a higher education. In addition, many college graduates are underemployed or not employed at all. A college degree does not guarantee a job, it only creates a better chance. Not to mention many people have been very successful without earning a college degree. For example: Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has a net value of.... "$81.1

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