Persuasive Essay: Why College Should Not Be Free?

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Every parents dream is for their kids to be successful, they want a child who had fun, stayed safe, and hopefully pursuited a college education so that their future would be bright. A college education and their degrees give college students and graduates a better opportunity to get a job and set up a career path. Now imagine, a world where everyone has a college education. The thing that made a college education and degree worth anything is that not everyone has one, it’s like diamonds. The reason diamonds are valuable is they are rare, which means there is also a low supply and high demand therefore rising the price. That being said college should continue to have expenses such as tuition, housing, food, etc.
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College having expenses doesn’t shut out the poorer population of people, but the lazier and less hard worker part of the population. If a person is truly hard working and dedicated they can make it through college, even with student loans and then get a job that will almost certainly help you pay off your student loan debts within a couple of years. If a person isn’t they might not go, because of the cost and if they end of going and fail a semester or a class they have to pay to take another one or a retake. This paying would hopefully motivate them to pass the class, which would make them more educated and hopefully they would pick up some good work habits for the future. Now if college is free, there isn’t any real motivation to push students to do their best, because if they fail they can just take it again without any costs, and if they have living and food grants they are using the university 's money without educating themselves. That’s just a little bad side of making college free, the university also suffers from this a great deal. This is because they aren’t receiving as large of an income as before, therefore they cannot to afford to employ as many people and pay the employees as much. By having college expenses these universities can afford all their employees, which keeps the unemployment rate down. Also this income allows the university to invest in different researches, new innovations and advancing/ improving the campus/university, like new dorms, facilities, fields,

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