Benefits Of Free Community College

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Free Community College “The pathway for a better future?”
Community college has always been a great option for many people who would like to continue going to school after graduating high school or after a long break from not going to school only to pursue a secondary education. Even though college education has been around for a great amount of time there was to be a great amount of people that have never come to mind why college education is something very important to have some experience to have especially in a time like this. While today there are people who still don’t understand that college education is not every affordable for students that have to pay for their institution or tuition. Then those students have to take out loans in
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But come to think about it community college should be free of charge because students would not take out loans which they cannot pay back, then there are people who cannot afford a four year intuition, and lastly the job market there are some jobs that are starting to require college education and the way that affect our future .
There are many ways a community college students could get loads from different place. In the journal titled Community college students’ assessments of costs and benefits of borrowing to finance higher education states that “Many of the students expressed a willingness to borrow US $100,000 or more to achieve their educational goals”. Alright now that right there is a lot a money that a community college students that they have to borrow just so they have to keep on going to school just for a community college, it also states that “Today, the average community college tuition remains approximately one third the cost of average tuition at a public 4- year initiation.” These are some high numbers just for a full time community college students the big problem with this on a full time student is that they cannot get a well-paying job so
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Some of the benefits on two years of college are started on the website College View “Depending on your degree program, two-year students typically either focus on taking general pre-requisite courses that can transfer to a four-year institution or courses in their specific trade.” These makes a good point because everyone was that opportunity to start with a community college that cannot jet afford a year intuition or just cannot even afford four year institution at all. But then it also points out about a four year college by saying “though four year schools require at lets twice the amount of time as two year schools and three times the tuition.” these is a great statement because it points out that people need to put more effort and time on a four year institution. In a journal titled An examination of the impact of accelerating community college students it states that “Yet students aspiring to a bachelor’s degree are less likely to achieve that goal if they begin at a community college, compared to similar students who begin at four-year universities.” Now on these journal gives a good point because some community college students that end up finishing could be think now that they have some college degree what’s the point on going on with their college education they could just get

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