Essay On Free College Education

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There is a huge debate going around regarding whether or not free tuition at two year academic institutions could help or hinder America’s educational system. There’s been much consideration into all of the elements that are involved with this particular topic. Even President Obama himself has expressed his thoughts regarding its implementation. However, the reality behind this dispute is the fact that the United States has fallen behind other developing countries in regards to the quality of general education. The question remains as to what the overall effect free college education would have on the American educational system. Once being the world leader in college graduates, the United States has dropped significantly in rank. Rising …show more content…
In times of economic difficulty, layoffs lead to higher unemployment rates, as well as a rise in bankruptcy cases as workers struggle to find work. A free college education could enable the workforce of today with the opportunity to increase self-worth by broadening certain educational avenues. An educated workforce can result in each individual having more economic freedom by allowing an individual the opportunity to switch careers, should the need arise. Furthermore, introducing free public institutions could cause certain private universities to lower their own tuition costs in order to compensate, while making their school more attractive to potential students. As a result, lowering the tuition of other private schools could cause higher education opportunities more affordable if one wanted to pursue a private university. Having the ability to choose between public or private schooling would still be comparable for potential students today, but at least in this case there is a path for everyone with equal opportunities to attend whatever college they’d

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