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  • 1. Assess The Importance Of Feedback In Communication

    From the beginning of time, communicating with others has been an adaptable skill that an individual needs to survive in an established community. People living in a community could not communicate effectively if they could not first listen and see the words or actions of others. Today, communication has taken a different route in the use of social networking rather than holding face- to - face conversations. The use of cell phones lets people hide behind a screen and lets them see what others are doing as opposed to not actually listening to them. Taking a step away from a phone, computer, or even turning all attention to the present moment can help an individual to become a Servant-Leader in skilled communication (Sipe & Frick 2009). Taking the opportunity to create better communication around others will create an environment of friendliness, respect, and concern. Servant-Leaders display, specifically, the importance of inviting feedback not only to others but inviting others to give them feedback, too (Sipe & Frick 2009). Skilled communication can be further exemplified in the importance of asking for and receiving feedback, as well as choosing four guidelines for receiving and giving feedback that will be important to a leader’s behavior while communicating with others. To start, from a leadership perspective, asking for feedback can be a challenging decision. Many times leaders think or say that they are open to feedback, but they really just try to make it seem that…

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  • Key Principle Of Resilience In Leadership

    My first key principle can relate to resilience in leadership. Daniel Coutu stated that “more than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails” (pl300 p69). I could have the most experience and the best training, but if I am not prepared to persevere and recover from crucibles, then my skills would go to waste. One key point of resilience is that different people bounce back from trials in different ways. People…

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  • Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Object-Oriented Programming

    WHAT IS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING? Object oriented programming in a methodology of software development that allows for the designation of functions to be applied to data structures such as classes, these classes are referred to as objects, hence the name. Object-Oriented coding is one of multiple major programming paradigms. These include but are not limited to; Imperative, Logical, Functional and Object oriented. Problems that can be solved by one of these paradigms can normally be solved by…

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  • Visual Basic Object Oriented Programming

    Visual Basic can be used to create UI and UX rich programs for Windows platforms in a very short time. Whereas, C++ can be used to write complex programs that needs to computer faster without using much hardware resources. C++ is command line based language, on the other hand, Visual Basic is IDE and event driven language. For example, creating a pop up box in C++ is a tedious task. If the programmer is writing from scratch, making a window appear in C++ will take you 15 minutes to program…

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  • Reflective Analysis Of An Argument

    When I started this course, I was unaware of the different types of writing and the massive amounts of research behind it. Prompts given to me were thought provoking and interesting, so I took a lot of interest in various types of arguments and assignments. What caught my interest in this subject is how, as a writer, one has to argue from both sides, include research data to support them, and then conclude them with a winning argument. My collection of persuasive writing demonstrates that I…

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  • Opc Disadvantages

    There are different types of programming such as object-oriented programming (OOP), event-driving programming (EDP), and procedural program, (PP). Some people may agree that there are advantages of using OOP instead of only using PP. A class may have one attribute and one method, in which the class represents an event, the attributes the class stores and the purpose of the method. The class, attributes, and methods share a relationship. Visual Logic is used to learn about programming but lacks…

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  • Pairwise Combination Strategy And Constraints Strategy

    One of the objectives of this research is to develop a tool in Java programming language. Following the stated objective, CBPTT was developed in Java language and integrated using the NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 software. In order to show how pairwise combination strategy and constraints strategy was implemented in CBPTT let consider the example illustrated in Table 1.1. There are three parameters with quantity of 2, 3 and 3. These parameters are input as string which is presented as {2,3,3}. From this…

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  • Object-Oriented Programming: The Basic Elements Of Object Oriented Programming

    (“cplusplus.com” n.d.). Primitive data types, such as int, float, and char, are nearly indistinguishable, and arithmetic operators, such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/), are carried out in the same manner. Control constructs, such as if statements, for loops, while loops, and switch statements, are also shared among both languages(“cplusplus.com” n.d.). Both languages support classes, and single inheritance in C++ is comparable to Java (“Cornell.edu” n.d.).…

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  • Case Study: US Bureau Of Labor Statistics

    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, n.d. Web. 02 Dec. 2015. Computer programming has been valuable since the 1950’s to modern times. As technology is advancing each year, more and more computer programmers perform their duties of writing codes to create program software. They must unscramble these codes in order to get the best results; otherwise they must check for errors and try to regulate them. Programmers also work jointly with software developers, and in any…

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  • Wilson Construction Company Case Study

    Peng, Chen MGMT 3720 Assignment #1 Walt Henderson is a draftsman in Wilson Construction Company. One day he was working on his personal project during company time and caught by his supervisor, Ken Hardy. Walt believes he has right to work on his personal project as long as he has completed all his work. However, Ken doesn’t agree with that because he believes workers are not allowed to do their personal project during company time based on the company rules. Then they had an argument about…

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