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  • The Blue Angel Analysis

    Although the films The Blue Angel and the Titanic are very different, they do have a few similarities. In The Blue Angel, Immanuel Rath and Lola Lola embodied the contradiction of the provocative young female and a wretched old man in a relationship. Seductive Lola Lola embraces her sexuality through being a cabaret dancer and singer. Rath, the professor is stern, lonesome and much respected because of his profession. Rath meets Lola Lola in the process of punishing his pupils for distributing pictures of Lola in class. Rath goes to the club to find the pupils and ultimately becomes enticed by Lola. As Rath falls in love with Lola Lola, he gradually loses the respect from his students, especially when he marries her. In the beginning of the…

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  • Kyra Cabaret Analysis

    I highly enjoyed Kyra Selman cabaret show at Rockwell. She did an amazing job telling a story in a musical genre. Songs that really stood out are I am what I am, Drunken Love, and Black Girl Medley. The reason those songs stood out because most likely they are songs I have heard already, while majority of the other songs in Kyra cabaret I did not recognize and can not give a name. I enjoyed the whole show but the areas where I know the songs help me remember the story. I believe when Kyra was…

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  • Sexuality In The Weimar Republic

    depression, but Berlin drew the talent and energies of the rest of Germany towards its enticing cabaret performances and sex tourism. This cultural creativity included a newly liberated female population in which films began to present their female characters in sexual ways. The whole period of the Weimar Republic was a time of sexual liberation. My research question for my paper is, how did sexuality during the Weimar Republic effect women? To answer this question I will discuss gender roles,…

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  • Havana

    'Bolero', 'Mambo', Cha cha cha'... musical styles for all tastes, with memorable figures such as Benny Moré, Trio Matamoros, Celia Cruz and Sonora Matancera, Olga Guillot and many others formed a unique musical panorama. It was the golden age of clubs and cabarets. In fact, during those years, there were over two hundred bars and nightclubs, plus two hundred fifty social clubs with live music and fifty orchestras that played regularly. Not to mention the hundred record stores and the hundred…

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  • Pharaoh's Secret Text Review

    This semester for my independent text review I studied “the pharaoh's secret” by clive cussler and wrote an in depth evaluation of the story, characters and writing style for my text review. I choose clive cusslers “the pharaoh's secret”, because having recently read the book I was aware that I would have to leave a negative review. This is something I have not encountered before when reviewing pieces of text. As of this year I have been co managing the common room area during the end of day…

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  • Ladyboys Essay

    the websites. Some websites are as easy to use as your purpose to find women or ladyboys. Search different profiles for a user that fits your taste and then getting to know each other through private messages might start off your relationship on the right foot. Ladyboys have been around in Thailand for so long that they have become a part of it. Many tourists are fascinated by them as Thai ladyboys are often prettier and more attractive than real women. Many tourists also secretly or not have…

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  • Belly Dancing History

    American belly dancing is best known for its cabaret routine know by a theatrical entrance performed by a lone dancer in front of a dining audience. The dancer communicates and dances for the crowd to a group of playing musicians to a drum solo and interact with the viewers. For dancers of today, many find that they can participate in a plethora of dances ranging from Western Cabaret to the historically accurate Turkish or Egyptian style. Dance and jazz are fused into belly dancing. From Egypt…

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  • Bob Fosse, A Jazz Director And Choreographer

    choreographer in order to have full management over his dances. This worked well for Fosse, as her directed his first movie, “Sweet Charity”(1969), which became successful. The film is about a prostitute searching for love. Fosse’s work expresses the yearning for sexual freedom, which was manifesting across America. Also, the way “Sweet Charity” was filmed brought a lot of success for Fosse. He introduced a different perspective of filming shots and jump cuts. This way of filming and editing…

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  • Millbrook Case Study

    consistently for 52 years. You don 't find that in many theaters across the united states. 6. What sorts of productions are put on? 7. How many productions are put on each year? Millbrook 's mission is to provide quality, professional live theatre and encourage the development and appreciation of the theatre arts with a strong educational component. We annually produce 8 plays and musicals during the summer season and 3 shows for young audiences as well as 3 theatre camps for children btw 6…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Musical Theatre Student

    I am a singer, composer, songwriter, and recording artist. I trained as a classical singer in San Francisco after earning my undergraduate degree and performed for two years with the Marin Opera Company. Since that time, my work has expanded. My performances and writing encompass classical art song, opera, rock, pop, oldies, jazz, and cabaret and original material in venues as divergent as CBGB to Lincoln Center. My studio work is vast, including recording and producing my own material (two…

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