Cabinet of curiosities

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  • Cabinet Of Natural History

    A defining feature of any collection, whether it be of curiosities, natural specimens, art works, or other objects, is the presence of an underlying system of thought — an episteme — that shapes the way in which a collection grows and evolves. Differences in these epistemes can vary widely across the centuries, and the present paper will discuss the differences between two genres of cabinets: the Wunderkammern, or “cabinet of wonders”, of the 16th century during the Renaissance; and the “cabinets of natural history” from the 17th and 18th century, as described by the great Enlightenment thinker Denis Diderot. Both of these cabinets aim to present a version of the world, a microcosm. However, the differences in object selection, organization,…

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  • Renaissance Aestheticism

    Renaissance, objects were displayed according to their material or figurative groupings, each of which was also displayed in ways that were aesthetically pleasing. Ferrante’s cabinet, for example, has balance and symmetry, seen in the symmetry of the fish displayed around the window. Not only was organization influenced by aestheticism, but the objects themselves were also affected by it. Ferrante 's cabinet has hints of the relationship between culture and Christianity with science, as seen…

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  • Possible Illusion: The Curiosity Cabinet Of Vik Muniz

    Within the first five minutes of Worst Possible Illusion: The Curiosity Cabinet of Vik Muniz, Vik Muniz and his comedic personality come onto the scene. Worst Possible Illusion is a biography as well as a brief look at the variety of unorthodox techniques Muniz has used while not delving into specific detail about individual pictures. Muniz’s artistic process reflects his history and his personality. In the biographical part of the film, Muniz states that he was born in Brazil during a time of…

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  • Reflection On Relational Connection And Self-Congruence

    find better ways to connect with clients. Perhaps connecting on an emotional level, through empathy, would cater to my discomfort with self-disclosure while still building the therapeutic relationship with my clients. Curiosity Remaining curious about the clients’ stories is a skill that could help me show empathy, thus help me connect with the clients. However, as Madsen and Gillespie (2014) explain, empathy is “the process of stepping into another person’s experience [which] requires…

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  • What Is A Creative Adaption About The Birth Of Karna

    mating with gods? What is it like to give birth to a child of god? Such thoughts are just bothering me all the time, whenever I am eating, bathing or dreaming. Sometimes I cannot help but to think such questions in my mind even when talking to other people. Finally I tell myself that I cannot stand this any more. My brain would explode because of curiosity unless I try invoking a god and figure out what it would be to make love with god. In fact I do not have to be really pregnant. I…

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  • Book Summary: The Gathering

    The Gathering Curiosity, it is seen in everyone, it is part of the human brain. The thing about a story that is full of curiosity is that it is hard to get bored and easy to get lost. Maya is a 17-year-old girl who lives in a small town, Salmon Creek. Salmon Creek is a medical research town as well as very small containing approximately only 200 people, which always makes new people interesting to the town. We see Maya and Daniel who is her best friend thinking a lot about the mysterious death…

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  • Comparing The Characters In Mildred D. Taylor's Song Of The Trees

    nosy. For example, when Mama and Big Ma were discussing about their food shortages, Cassie was peeking around the corner, eavesdropping. Once Cassie heard about running out of food, it makes her worry. What if we starve or die of starvation? She was concerned. Cassie knows deep in her heart that listening to what they were talking about was something wrong to do. Nevertheless, Cassie listens to their conversation because her curiosity takes over her. In addition, Cassie gets caught…

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  • Summary In The Unfortunate Story Of Ovid's 'Actaeon'

    According to Xunzi, “‘inborn nature’ embraces what is spontaneous from Nature, what cannot be learned, and what requires no application to master.” These qualities correspond with the curiosity of man. Ascribing to Xunzi’s theory that the natural character of curiosity is evil, Actaeon is undoubtedly to blame for Diana’s punishment for him. In accordance with Xunzi’s theories, man is at fault for allowing his desires to control him, which Actaeon does. Xunzi argued that while humans are born…

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  • Hexaco Personality Test

    I see myself as an exceedingly curious person, but according to Hexaco, I have little curiosity. I feel like this result does not fit me at all. Back in 2012, my mom had some important news to share with the family. I asked her if she could tell me at that moment, but she said that I had to wait for my dad to get home because she was planning to tell him first. At that moment, my curiosity levels rose and I asked questions trying to figure out what the news were more likely going to be about. I…

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  • The Importance Of Power: The Power Of The Prime Minister

    surrounded by 'Yes ' men who simply agree and advise rather than argue and debate. As a result, this allows the Prime Minister to push their political agenda forward with little opposition as those in the cabinet are usually in favour or loyal to their decision. To embody this sense of power further, the Prime Minister can drop cabinet members who are not in favour of their decision from the cabinet entirely3 increasing their political standing by replacing them with someone more in favour.…

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