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  • What Is A Creative Adaption About The Birth Of Karna

    Creative Adaption: Birth of Karna I have never considered what a child means to me before I received the mantra from Durvasa. Nor did I think about marriage. However, I am always curious. What do men and women do to have children? What will it feel like when mating with gods? What is it like to give birth to a child of god? Such thoughts are just bothering me all the time, whenever I am eating, bathing or dreaming. Sometimes I cannot help but to think such questions in my mind even when talking to other people. Finally I tell myself that I cannot stand this any more. My brain would explode because of curiosity unless I try invoking a god and figure out what it would be to make love with god. In fact I do not have to be really pregnant. I…

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  • Relationship Between Gilgamesh And Karna

    When Enkidu’s and Karna’s forthcoming death drew near, they felt and accepted it because they understood the implications of their lives. Karna understood his aspiration to be a strong warrior was the reason why he was cursed in the first place. If he had not sought to advance his archery skills, he would not have obtained the two curses that would eventually kill him. Additionally, his desire for greatness earned him kingship, which changed not only his social status, but also diminished his…

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  • The Palace Of Illusions Analysis

    huge sacrifices for their husbands. Throughout the text, besides her friend Lord Krishna, another man she fancied was Karna. Even before her swayavar was held and portraits of all the participants were displayed, the one that caught her eye was that. of Karna. She expresses her desire to buy the portrait, to secret it away so that she could look at it whenever she wanted to. Her attraction towards Karna, who was later revealed to be …

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  • The Mythology Of Vyasa's Mahabharata

    that Arjuna had yet not shown up in the court of Panchaal.However, Draupadi’s heart jumped a beat when she caught a glimpse of Karna seated next to his best friend Duryodhan. On looking at Draupadi, Duryodhan made a comment to which all his peers laughed slapping his knee while Karna sat still as a flame. She wondered in rage why Krishna and her brother Dhrishtdyumna had insisted on her to marry Arjuna while they dissuade her from developing interest in Karna when Arjuna had not even been…

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  • Heroes In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

    her formidability. Kunti exhibits patience and unconditional love for her children. She will do anything to protect them even if causing her great sorrow. Kunti before creating her five children she created one before them that she abandoned due to her being young and unmarried. Being as loving and virtuous as she is I’m sure that mistake has caused her great sorrow and she’d like to forget it. However, in order to protect her sons she approaches her eldest son Karna when Krsna fails to get him…

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  • The Role Of Women In The Ramayana And The Mahabharata

    in establishing Panchaali’s thoughts and emotions. The character of Dhai Ma plays a major role in bringing Panchaali’s real identity. Dhai Ma is the one who explains to her the story of her birth. Dhai Ma’s narration of her birth story makes Panchaali think about the discrimination even in the names given by her father to her and her brother. As Dhai Ma described the feast given by King Drupadi after the birth of the two children, Panchaali was thinking about the names – “Dhristadyumna,…

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  • Heroism In The Odyssey And Vyasa

    The Odyssey and the Mahabharata both start with the main heroine telling their stories of sorrow and how they overcame their troubles. Ulysses tells of the heavy hand Heaven laid upon him, while Drona depicts his poor life in a village. The men however, then go on to tell about their adventures and this shows that society is able to overcome distresses and can work towards a better life through determination and a good work ethic. The two epic poems are also similar in the way they revere family…

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  • Mahabharata Criticism

    of criticisms. A very noticeable aspect is the double standard held by many formidable characters such as Bhīma, Drona, Arjuna, and many others. While there is no doubt that the good they performed certainly outweighs the evil it is important that they not be portrayed as infallible- for legends as they are, they are also human. Surely, no person is entirely good or bad as it is impossible for an individual to be so. The good and bad in people is exaggerated to a great degree although it is…

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  • Cultural References In The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

    This is another section where, differences in culture and its effect on understanding is prominent. ‘He collects his fee. He gets drunk. Or smokes a joint. Good Kerala grass… That night Karna was stoned (231)’ This would be considered a normal thing when looked at by a THPI, because in India dance is performed for Shiva the god of dance. Shiva only appreciates dances if the dancers are in the ‘zone’ which they reach through the use of weed (or alcohol). A western reader will not understand this…

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  • What Is The Transformation Of Gilgamesh Character

    Draupadi. The usher immediately tells Draupadi that she was lost by Yudhistira in a dice game with Duryodhana, she orders the usher to go to Draupadi and bring her back so that she could ask the question herself. Duryodhana tells her that she had been won by the Kauravas and now belongs to them. Draupadi runs towards the royal ladies of the Kauravas, but Duhshasana caught her by her hair. As Duhshasana attempted to remove her garments, Draupadi pleads that she is tainted, meaning that she wasn’t…

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