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  • Victoria Secret Advertisement: What Makes A Woman Beautiful?

    Who decides what makes a woman beautiful? The ideals of beauty have changed throughout history. For example, Renaissance painters idolized a fuller figured women, in the nineteen fifties the curvy Marilyn Monroe was the symbol of feminine beauty, there was the waifish women of the nineteen sixties and then there was Kate Moss in the heroin chic of the nineteen nineties. A lot of advertisements today are showing women what they are ideally supposed to look like. With all of these advertisements out there it has become even harder now for people to not pass superficial judgment based on our societal standard concepts of beauty. These beauty ideals are extremely harmful to young girls and women of all ages because they promote unrealistic physical…

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  • 1. Why Do Sex Chromosomes Have Peculiar Passing Down Traits?

    ceased to amaze him. He received is Bachelors of Science in biology from Oberlin College. In 1994, he moved to Paraguay as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Agroforestry department. After that, he embarked his journey with moss biodiversity at the New York State Museum. Subsequently, he received his doctorate from Duke University with Jon Shaw, a professor of biology at Duke University. After that, he finished a NIH-NRSA postdoc fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. He joined the…

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  • Armadillidium Vulgare Experiment

    hard rocks or soft sphagnum moss. Despite predicting that they would have a preference for a softer area, both pill bugs spent more of their time in the rocks than in the moss. This suggests that Armadillidium vulgare has a preference towards environments with hard surfaces over soft ones, possibly due to factors like light or surface area. However, certain experimental errors such as material density and poor handling may have skewed the accuracy of results. Introduction…

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  • Summary Of Wicked Plants By Amy Stewart

    I chose Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart over the others on the list of approved books because it sounded more interesting and more relevant than some that just focused on one branch of Botany, instead of the entire wicked spectrum like Stewart does. I like how she breaks up the world of devious plants into seven distinct categories. The plants are reported on alphabetically with relation to their crime, but with a heading that falls under one of the seven wicked categories; deadly, destructive,…

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  • Story Of An Hour And Desiree's Baby Literary Analysis

    Analyze how the protagonist of the two assigned Chopin stories are similar. What are important differences between them. How do these differences affect the behavior of the protagonist. In the stories "The Story of an Hour" and "Desiree 's Baby" the two protagonist are trapped in a world where there is inequality between men and women. During that time men had more authority than women did which is why we see this female struggles. Both protagonist were anxious and struggled for the approval of…

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  • Kate Chopin's Works

    Birth of Kate Chopin’s Works People often wonder what influences writers to write. Some may assume that writers are influenced by personal experiences. While others may think personal beliefs, or fighting for something they sincerely believe in. They also could be inspired by historical or societal moments. To clarify, Kate Chopin, was born into a Creole-Irish family that was entertained by a high place in society. Chopin was raised against the usual nineteenth century…

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  • Story Of An Hour Character Analysis

    The Story of an Hour is a short story by author Kate Chopin, that was published in 1984. The story was originally published in Vogue, on December 6th, titled "The Dream of an Hour”. Louise Mallard, the main character, has heart problems. Therefore, at the beginning of the text we are told that she must be informed of her husband’s death in a careful manner. Her sister Josephine delivers the news. The reader is also told that Louise’s husband’s friend, named Richards, had learned about his…

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  • Outline For The Awakening Essay

    The Awakening by Kate Chopin The title suggests the idea that someone will face a new beginning or experience. It makes the reader question what is happening and how it all connects to Edna’s “awakening”. Setting Grand Isle and New Orleans; Late 19th Century Historical Information Kate Chopin married then moved to New Orleans, exposing her to the culture that surrounds the novel. The first emersion of the feminist movement was at this time, influencing Edna’s awakening. Attitudes at the time…

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  • Theme Of Feminism In The Awakening

    Christiania R. Williams proposes an intriguing argument on the main theme of feminism in “The Awakening”. “Reading Beyond Modern Feminism: Kate Chopin’s The Awakening” was a critique given by Williams debating if the novel was more about promoting individualism rather than the idea of feminism. In the novel, Edna Pontellier portrays an average American wife during a Creole New Orleans society. The story starts off with the main character feeling like a caged bird to her lover Leonce Pontellier…

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  • Roald Dahl's Lamb To The Slaughter

    Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl is a short story about a pregnant wife named Mary Maloney finding out that her husband Patrick Maloney was leaving her. It was an unexpected news that Mary didn’t understand, her feelings towards the news of her husband leaving, made her thoughts shift. Mary had panicked and a lot was going through her head. While Patrick was turned around trying to furthermore explain why he’s was leaving Mary took a frozen lamb leg and hit Patrick in the back of the head,…

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