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  • Literary Criticism Of Mahabharata

    falsehood deployed by Yudhisthira in telling Guru Drona that his son Ashwatthama has been slain, thereby filling his heart with sorrow and forcing him to drop his weapons, whereas actually an elephant sharing similar title was slain, c.) killing of Karna by Arjuna when he was unarmed and trying to free his chariot wheel from the mud in which it was stuck, d.) killing of the main antagonist Duryodhana by Bhima by hitting him below the belt which was against the battle rules. So it seems that…

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  • Shalakya Tantra Case Study

    INTRODUCTION- Shalakya Tantra is a special branch of Ashtanga Ayurveda which deals with the treatment of the diseases affecting the body parts above the neck. This reveals that the branch of medical science which deals with the causes, diagnosis and curative procedures of the diseases pertaining to the head, ear, nose, eye, lips and throat is Shalakya Tantra. In Sanskrit the word Shalaka means a rod or probe. Therefore by Shalakya Tantra it is meant that the treatment would…

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  • Samavaya Vigyaniyam: Inherent Relationship

    Article 41: Samavaya Vigyaniyam (Inherent Relationship) Introduction The chief aim of Ayurvedic system of medicine is equilibrium among tissues, which is defined as Dhatusamya in Ayurveda. This is also known as Karya. For production of the Karya, six types of Karanas are described in the Ayurvedic medicine treatise, Caraka Samhita. > Samanya > Visesa > Dravya > Guna > Karma > Samavaya. These Karana are further divided into two distinct types, which is based on the existence …

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  • Case Study Of Dandasana

    1. DANDA ASANA 4710 DANDA=STAFF; ASANA= POSTURE/POSE Steps:  Sit down with upright back with extended legs in front of you. Your legs and feet should be in straight line with hip.  Rest your palms on your side on the floor.  Now support your hip and raise your both feet upwards simultaneously as shown in the picture.  Stay in the pose as long as body allows and then lower down your leg slowly. BENEFITS:  It enhances the flexibility of hips and pelvis.  It improves the posture of…

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  • Silence Of Speech Essay

    wood (Kashtha-Mauna) Deep-sleep silence (Sushupti Mauna) Great silence (Maha- Mauna) Not uttering a single word means silence of speech (Vak-Mauna) and not even hearing one’s own speech is silence of hearing (Karna Mauna) Remaining still akin to wood without any expression, gestures etc. (In reality, more energy is wasted in responding by nodding, gesturing or saying ‘hum, hum’ than in speaking) The silence in deep sleep One who has gone beyond speech and thought. The Organs of Speech The…

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  • Mahabharata Analysis

    1. Introduction At 1.8 million words, the Mahabharatha is one of the largest epics – roughly 10 times the size of the Iliad and Odyssey combined. At some level, this represents “big data”. Text is generally considered “unstructured” and therefore tough to analyze. But the growing field of text analytics and text visualisation tell us that there’s a lot more structure to plain text than one might think. Mahabharata is the longest epic in the world written around 300 BC, it was narrated by…

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  • What Adults Do On Stop Bullying

    III. What adults should do on stop bullying a. Parents There are certainly things that adults can do on helping children who are involved in bullying. Parents, as the first position caregivers, are always in the most significant place on educating children. A study conducted by Henry et al. (2014) found that meaning in life plays an important role on mediating and moderating bulling victims’ suicidal ideation. As a mediator, meaning in life tells why victims want to kill themselves. As a…

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  • Representation Of Gandhi

    4. Representations of Gandhi For nearly six decades, Gandhi has been a recurring figure in diverse mediums all over the world. Whether it’s a new biography or a modern take on Gandhi’s philosophies, the Gandhian tradition has been kept alive in not just literature, but in almost all art forms. However, it creates an interesting but a paradoxical situation; during his lifetime Gandhi was likened to other eminent figures like Lenin, Tolstoy and even Jesus Christ. Soon after his death a discourse…

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